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archane ([personal profile] archane) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2011-08-13 06:31 pm (UTC)

There are a number of places where I can see people's stream-of-consciousness updates (twitter feed, photos directly from a cellphone or similar camera, location check-ins, etc.). I wouldn't object to one or two aggregation posts in a 24-hour period which include all of this stuff, but I come to DW and similar sites to see content where people have invested some thought and effort.

If I could essentially filter the stream-of-consciousness updates out with one or two clicks or checks, I could live with that. If I had to spend more than 15 seconds avoiding those updates, I'm far more likely to just stop reading the journal they're posted in altogether.

On an unrelated note, while I think that allowing PDFs, eBooks, and other documents has the potential to be fantastic, I'd like to see some sort of 'help' feature on what to do — and what not to do — so that they're as accessible and readable as possible.

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