So, one of the very first things that I put on my "things I want to do with Dreamwidth" list, way back in the middle of 2008 when we were making lists of "things we always wanted to do", was: redo the "memories" feature. One of my first decisions when thinking about the project was that I wanted to gut the existing system and start over again, since in the years since memories were first created there have been a lot of advancements in social bookmarking: sites such as have set the bar high, and there's no reason to redo the system if it's not going to offer something (or multiple somethings) that Delicious can't offer.

So, I wrote a basic spec that was chock-full of things I thought would be really awesome, and stuck it in Bugzilla, and put it on the list of "things we will get to when we get past the initial projects we want to add", and time passed. Then, a few weeks ago, [personal profile] yvi came to me and said she was looking for a complex summer project to really dig her teeth into. Since the memories-intto-bookmarks project is one I've been really looking forward to, it was the first idea I threw at her, and she thought it was awesome, too.

This is [personal profile] yvi's working version of the spec, based on the version I wrote a while back, and it is now time for everyone to weigh in on what they think! Please read this spec and give it careful consideration, then let us know your thoughts.

Turning you over to [personal profile] yvi now:

Social bookmarking feature spec )