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Going to bed now.

See you all tomorrow.
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I was at a talk by Col. Chris Hadfield when he mentioned a problem with space sick bags. He said that when you use a space sick bag, without the force of gravity to hold what's come up down, it has a tendency to bounce off the bottom of the bag and float back to the top. Not ideal.

I was thinking about that while trying to get back to sleep last night, and I realized that the solution might be to redesign the shape of the bag. If you were to indent the bottom of the bag (with, say, a v-shape), anything bouncing off it would be reflected not directly back at you but off to the side.

Of course, it could still ricochet off the side of the bag and come back to you. To discourage that, you'd want to taper the sides in. Make the bag more triangular.

Doing that, however, still has its disadvantages. Without gravity, up and down are arbitrary. A bag which tapers out from the top, considered upside-down, is a funnel. To prevent that, you'd want a shoulder at the top. Or, better yet, a tube going partway in. (You need a valve to close it off anyway, right? If you make that tube a little longer, you're fine.)

But then... a triangle with a notch cut out of the bottom seems familiar. And, come to think, having that notch be asymmetrical could have some advantages. And, really, why not have fun with it if you can?

I present to you what, to the best of my late-night figurings, is honestly the ideal shape for a space sick bag:

The Starfleet logo.

It'd cost a little more to manufacture, but it just might be worth it.

(I sent a copy of this, without the crude diagrams, to NASA. It'll be a couple of weeks before they can reply, but I'm interested to hear what they make of it.)
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"I thought 'eureka' was Greek for 'the bath water is too hot.'" -- lots of people apparently, based on skimming Google hits for the phrase, but most recently by Mephistopheles O'Brien, commeter at Respectful Insolence, as recently noted by [info] realinterrobang

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Heyo Fellow Yuletider!

This year I am travelling throughout much of the Yuletide period, so this letter is a little more lopsided than a normal one of mine. This isn't because I prefer one fandom over another, but I tend to recycle a lot of my prompts (as they are still things I'd like to read!), and some things were easier to find than others.

The key things to avoid are - no underage sex; and no character bashing.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the writing process and would rather you have fun when writing rather than feel like you need to struggle to fit all my prompts or likes - I love these fandoms a lot, so I'm pretty confident I'll love your results. <3

But for those who prefer having something to reference:
I have a big list of likes and dislikes here:

[ profile] Qem
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Not allowed to peck Purple with my long, dagger-like loon beak.
Warren Ellis clearly enjoys reinventing characters. He clearly enjoys playing around with the form and structure of comics. And he clearly enjoys lots of violence.

Moon Knight lets him do all three (including some interesting bits of design in the opening of the Sniper issue that I hadn't encountered before) and it's a lot of fun (provided you're comfortable with the aforementioned violence).

It's not essential, and I doubt whoever took over from him after his six-issue relaunch will do anything nearly as interesting, but I'm glad I picked it up.
Our AirBnB business has shut off after this weekend, like a tap was closed. Since May we've had nonstop inquiries and bookings, sometimes so thick it was daunting. We've loved it, and now we're a bit downcast that it's all come to a halt. Not an inquiry for all of November, let alone a booking. As Mom said on Facebook, "It's as if people don't want to come to Wisconsin in the winter."


Appropriate icon is appropriate.
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I've been trying to post more often, but it's amazing how fast a week goes by. I've been in the new job two weeks now; I hadn't quite realised how much of the first six months was going to be "project implementation" rather than "system support" (although, I mean, the information was there!) and I'm still scrambling a bit. I like my new colleagues, and I still want the job, but right now most of the work is the kind of open-ended long-deadline vague project-y stuff that's always been my least favourite. I knew there'd be more of that than in my old job, and it'll get easier as I get more practice with it, but it's hard to get myself focussed on it, especially when I'm tired or only at the computer for half an hour between meetings. Still, I'm working at it, and trying to keep myself scheduling things in my calendar so that I don't suddenly hit deadlines.

Right now we're mostly preparing for user-testing, which doesn't help; enormous quantities of work to be done to design the actual tests (on every detail of everything, and all the integrations with our systems, and...) but also a ton of logistical details (arrange training for sixty people! check the integration for the logins is going to be set up so that people can actually get into the system for testing! divide up the tests for all the different teams!) that either no one has thought of, or no one has done anything on - and everything has essentially the same deadline of "UAT" which has an official value of "end of October" (clearly impossible) and a probable value of what my new colleague is calling "Decebruary", which makes it hard to know how long anything should take or how urgent it is. How long do I have for this? Well, somewhere between two and twelve weeks, probably. And also I have six other things to do, which can also take that long, so how exactly am I budgeting my time?? Given my aforementioned weakness on long deadlines, it's, uh, interesting.

Having said that, I do think it's going to be OK. I'm going to learn a bunch of new skills, we're all hopefully going to survive the process intact, and come the spring when the system's actually up and running, things will settle down a lot and be more like what I'm used to. I've spent the last couple of years being highly competent and the expert in my niches, so while this is an excellent chance for growth and development, it's also a bit panicking! It's good that everything isn't easy, and I probably need that, but unfortunately it does mean that everything is hard and I'm not actually used to that...

Still: two weeks in, and I'm still upright. For now, that's good enough.

It's also how local council elections work in Scotland - and why we have almost no councils without a wide range of parties represented.
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For all you knitters out there...

Fabulous Hooker shirt/hoodie. It only gets made if they get 50 orders within the next 5 days. I've chatted with at least one friend who would really enjoy it, and I think maybe some of you would, too?

(Image description: Hoodie printed with the phrase "I am a fabulous hooker" with a picture of a knitting hook stuck through a ball of yarn.)
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...right now, I do not have anything left in the gas tank for getting that frustration out (I have to get through another 60-70 hour work week and then my nephews are down for the weekend). Just... yeah. So many feels.

I also have several pictures and links of amusing things that I've not gotten to posting, and I've written fic I haven't said anything about over here.

Just too much on my plate right now. Less stressful than last week, but not by much, and next week is right back on that stress treadmill, the week after should be an absolute nightmare. Found out yesterday that not only am I not rolling off this gig in mid-November, I might actually be there through the end of the year. At this point, I'm thinking Cornell won't even want me when I become available, and I'll miss out completely on being there, which would absolutely suck. Fuck this place, I'm so done with it.

So any way, that's the state of me. Good thing: I am writing in the mornings because the stress isn't allowing me to get full nights of sleep. That's one way to get the words out, I guess.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] perchta
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[Scroll down to the bold text for the bumper-sticker version.]

"We read that the nails in the holy of holies, 2 Chron. iii. 8 and 9, were of fine gold. Hence ariseth a question, How such nails could be useful, pure gold being so flexible that a nail made thereof will bow, and not drive.

"Now, I was present at the debate thereof, betwixt the best working-goldsmiths in London, where, among many injenious answers, this carried away the credit for the greatest probability thereof, viz., that they were screw nails, which had holes prepared for their reception, and so were wound in by degrees.

"God's work must not be done lazily, but leisurely: haste maketh waste in this kind. In reformations of great importance, the violent driving in of the nail will either break the head, or bow the point thereof, or rive and split that which should be fastened therewith.

"That may insensibly be screwed, which cannot suddenly be knocked into people. Fair and softly goeth far; but alas! we have too many fiery spirits, who, with Jehu, drive on so furiously they will overturn all in church and state, if their fierceness be not seasonably retrenched."

-- Thomas Fuller (b. 1608, d. 1661-08-16), in Mixt Contemplations in Better Times (1660, "Printed by R.D. for Iohn Williams", London) [bold emphasis added --dglenn] It can be found online in a collection of some of Fuller's work, Good Thoughts in Bad Times and Other Papers, also visible in Google Books, Record of Christian Work, vol. 19 (I found it quoted in God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible by Adam Nicolson.) There are minor differences in spelling in diferent collections/editions.

Happt birthday to [info] - personal fidhle, and to my brother John, neither of whom today's quotation is meant to have anything in particular to do with -- I just thought it sounded like a good quotation for a Friday.