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Happy Birthday [ profile] ambartil & [ profile] decadentdave
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23:13 Sunday, 23 November, 2014
Purple also knows "The Humans Are Dead", so we sing/reference bits of it at each other every now and then. I think the latest was "no more unethical treatment of elephants".

I told Darkside that he was the best $HISNAME. And that I wasn't very good at being a $WALLETNAME. He pointed out that based on some of the more notorious instances of my walletname, those are some epic examples to live up to. Also, that death by religious persecution is unpleasant.

(Then ensued me mentioning the meeting in which everyone was saying "Azure", and I kept twitching...)

01:42 Wednesday, 26 November, 2014

Monday: slept late because I had a hard time getting to sleep, and unsettling dreams once I did: missing a technical interview because I'd slept through it, and being at a lunch counter in the 2nd-floor hall of my elementary school (well, 1.5th floor) where nothing looked like food I could eat and then things kept disappearing as I tried to make up my mind.

Naturally when I got to work, the cafeteria had decided to close a half-hour early because of the holiday week, and it was just by grace of other people in the grill line that I was able to get food at all. I checked in with my manager for our 1:1 (at one of the lobby couches because her room got poached).

Later, after the building was well on its way to ghost town status (early) I realized that traffic was not ass, and beat a hasty retreat home, via the gas station. Even after chatting with Nora, there was still time to go soak in the hot tub. I knelt and faced the ocean and had some thoughts. Then I relaxed. About when it was almost time to come in, I saw some grumpy cats with ringed tails climbing a nearby tree. So I watched them for a bit.


Went to bed early, woke up early (before my early alarm). Came in to work early. Worked on stuff. Hit up the shipping & receiving office with some international outbound shipments for Carmageddon. Came back with a few things as well (they'd just checked them in and recognized me at the door).

Madam Standards saw my coffee mug with the initial A. I mentioned a few things. (Not my full name, however.)

I sent an IM to Mr. Bananas to see if he was the same jacket size as the jacket.

Had lunch with some of my teammates: Madam Standards, the Dogesitter, and the Norseman. There was, of course, hilarity. After the Norseman wandered off, the topic of 50 Shades of Grey came up. And Twilight.

"Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Our friendship may hinge on your answer!"

I, of course, am perpetually on "Team Bella goes the fuck to college", and I said pretty much that. We then discussed the pros and cons of Jacob: Bella wouldn't have to change in order to be with Jacob, and helloooo werewolf abs! I pointed out that Bella wasn't actually that into Jacob, and I dated a dude with his exact personality in high school, and hooo maaaaaaaaaaan was that not a great experience. So Bella should by no means be dating Jacob. Madam Standards pointed out that she had to change to be with Edward. Plus, werewolf abs. I reiterated: team college.

I saw in my email, as we were discussing these weighty matters, that there was a set of missed IMs from Mr. Bananas. For context, Mr. Bananas and Purple have known each other for approximately a decade, through two companies, and three offices. They were officemates at the last company, on a team that Purple was on prior to moving around, and now on their current team. I don't know what Purple's opinion is of Mrs. Bananas, but it's possible that their friendship has seniority timewise, at least, to Mrs. Bananas. They ask for each other as officemates when that's an option. They are, in short, good buddies.

Mr. Bananas: Hi Azure, how are you doing? my jacket size is M.
Mr. Bananas: so Purple told you that I have been eyeballing his jacket, huh
Mr. Bananas: to be clear.. i was just touching the jacket that happened to be on him
Mr. Bananas: no intention to touch him at all

I cracked the hell up, and found myself having to explain this to my lunchmates. It wasn't the most coherent explanation in the history of ever. I returned to my desk.

ajlunatic: Purple did mention that there had been some jacket envy
ajlunatic: alas, I only have the one spare one, and it is the same size as Purple's: XL
ajlunatic: I'm in no position to have any opinions about who is touching Purple ... unless of course he takes exception to it, in which case I am chivalrously obliged to back him up

StPatience in #adventuresofstnono provided a link. I cheerfully went on to share it with Steph, #VirtualH, the chatfish, and [off-topic]. <- please enjoy this Cthurkey

I attempted to recruit Purple and/or Mr. Zune to come to the Seanan/Mira thing, but alas. Purple was becoming one with his couch, and the thought of heading to contend with San Francisco was just not on. I called Purple. He called me back from his landline (as his reception from his place is absolute ass) and we chatted a bit.

He also found the comments from Mr. Bananas amusing.

We also discussed the Cthurkey, particularly the tentacular aspect. There are reasons why I cherish my friendship with Purple. If he actually started a [hentai-turkey] list, I would probably have to hide under my desk in mortification. (We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.)

Then I had to get on BART to head to the Mira book release party for Symbiont. So I did that. And I got the book. And I started reading, stuffing reactions in [ profile] squeemachine, with page citations from the hardback. I found myself hissing the villain, as being me when I read is an interestingly interactive experience. I was not done reading when it came time for the party to start. It being a weeknight, it was a very small party. The peak may have been 11 people, not counting bookstore/cafe staff. Weeknight party attendance has nothing to do with how well the book will sell. It's a lovely book so far. I can't finish it tonight.

She did a reading from "Rolling in the Deep", which is what happens when they ask her to do a Mira story about mermaids. SPOILER ALERT! )

There were more prizes to go around than there were people present, because weekday. Yay books!

Tif was also there. Yay!

I like to have handcrafts at parties like this. This time, I worked assiduously on my loon shawl, continuing the process of loonembellishment. It's looking very nicely loony.

One of the questions was about LGBTQI...* representation. One of the challenges with Seanan's October Daye series fae is that with their effective immortality, most of the fae do average out to bisexual -- even a 95% straight fae is likely to run across those five exceptions -- but that can be a challenge to represent. (The audience member asking the question was pleased by the consistent way that people with these identities and experiences were sprinkled visibly throughout most of her books, which is rarer than it ought to be in the genre, and Seanan had many things to say. Among other things, she expressed that visible representation ought to be the bare minimum.) So that was how the topic of asexuality amongst the fae came up to start with. And the difficulty of expressing asexuality in a character without running the risk of screeding. And someone asked whether a particular character was not perhaps ace. Cue Seanan channeling said character for a brilliant few minutes about bodily fluids, and stickiness. Hilarity, etc.

When the questions were all answered, the books and shirts were all given away, and the books were all signed, it was time to wrap up. Tif and I popped across the street for burgers, and talked about a great many things, including social shenanigans (a specific fashion community's CAH supplements), cats (her cats, and the cat-buttering vaporware app), shoe woes, and the social difficulty of writing minutes for a meeting during which the local equivalent of Dr. Pulaski is not present, and therefore the entirety of the meeting is complaining about Dr. Pulaski.

I had a dodgy feeling about the 16th St station, so I walked back to 24th St. It was not as ultra sketch as 16th tends to be, but there were still things which I would identify as sketch. Including the dudes who were smoking up and then spitting on the floor inside the station while we were waiting for the train.

When I came home, lb had shared the following:

Tomorrow will be Wednesday.

Thursday will be US Thanksgiving. Guide Dog Aunt is hosting; the other aunt will be joining us. Tay and her Young Man will be coming. Not sure how many cousins, if any. I plan to bring CAH, as this subgroup of family seems to be compatibly terrible with each other. (I am entirely willing to play CAH with my aunts and sister. When extra siblings from my aunts' generation come in, it may be Apples to Apples time.)
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"Until justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men's skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact." -- Lyndon Johnson (b. 1908-08-27, d. 1973-01-22; US President 1963-1969)

Boing Boing has a story - Youtube nukes 7 hours' worth of science symposium audio due to background music during lunch break.

a) Who puts up a 7 hour video unedited? Complete with the lunch break?
b) Yes, that music is owned by someone (probably several someones). Feel free to lobby for the law to change, but you don't get to use someone else's recent music without their permission. I think copyright overreaches a lot, and would limit it severely, but "I put someone else's recently-made music in my video" is definitely something copyright should cover.
c) For God's sake, edit the lunch-break out of the video and put it back up. And while you're at it, chop it into sensible chunks and put them up as separate videos - how hard can that be???
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Yes, more babbling about Dragon Age Inquistion. Totally eating my brain this game is.

First before the babble, have a pic of my inquisitor:

He's an elf rogue archer who I kinda tried to make look as much like Stiles as I possibly could. (I, err, kinda named him Stiles too. *shifty eyes* )

Anyway behind the cut we go with the spoilery babble )

I already have so many little fic ideas, and I'm sure by the time I finish the game, I'll have a lot more. Some with my inquisitor, some with Hawke and the old DA2 bunch. Some with both. God, this game is soooo good.
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So a bit over a year ago, I decided to once again make a concentrated effort at losing weight in response to a trend I'd noticed among my friends: they were all getting FitBits. A FitBit is, for all intents and purposes, a pedometer that can update information to your PC or phone. Many models come with additional features, such as tracking the flights of stairs you've climbed, periods of high activity, and even how well you sleep.

At the beginning, I honestly expected my interest would fizzle out after a month or two. Instead, the opposite happened and I started tracking what I was eating, how much water I was drinking, etc. (This, of course, resulted in some scary discoveries regarding some of my favorite foods. A single order of Domino's cheese-stuffed breadsticks is more than a day's worth of calories for most people.)

I attribute this to FitBit quantifying a quality: laziness. In this case, I'm referring to physical laziness.

When I started wearing the FitBit, I would get 3,500-4,500 steps on a weekday, with occasional surges to 5,500 when work was busy. However, on Saturday and Sunday, I would rarely break 1,000 steps in a day. I wasn't surprised that I was less active on the weekends, but I was surprised by how much less active I was.

I started to make an effort to be a bit more active on the weekends, but it wasn't all that great. FitBit suggested a daily step goal of 10,000 steps and I was luck to get to 30,000 in a week - meanwhile, I had friends whose weekly average was around 80,000.

Eventually, my numbers climbed slowly - mostly prompted from taking stairs, walking across largish parking lots between stores, and the like.

Then I lost my job, and my numbers dropped pretty bad. And then I moved to Colorado.

Prior to moving, I'd already been told I would likely be dragged to small, easy hiking trails. And that I'd get to have fun adjusting to breathing thinner air. (Denver, as most people know, is 1 mile up - 5,280 feet. Apparently, every other town in Colorado decided that they could play this game, so nearly every green and white sign announcing you've changed towns also include's the town's average elevation.)

I was not expecting the introduction to breathing thinner air while exerting myself to begin within hours of my arrival, but it did as Kelar took me on a fairly short walk after we got lunch. I'm used to been short on breath at the top of a flight of stairs - I've been out of shape for ages, but I had to invoke lessons from JV football in high school to force my heart rate to get under control when I reached the top of the stairs by the dam.

Adjustment to breathing thinner air continues. It probably doesn't help that there's a half-mile difference in elevation between Denver and my house (if not slightly more), with my house and town being higher. I do more walking and exertion around Denver than I do up at home, but I have noticed I am getting a little slower. My current job, boring as it is, keeps me fairly mobile - often while carrying computer equipment of some form (I spent 2 weeks moving 77lb printers around - plus their additional paper trays which I suspect are 10lbs each.)

I noticed I was getting 7,500-8,000 steps in a day easily. At that point, 10,000 is such a short walk away, I decide to walk more. More than once, without any aid from a trip to the gym, I've noticed that I'm thinking about bed and my step count is 9700+. No one likes being lazy, but with laziness now quantified, I've found that I will count my day as lazy if I'm that close to goal and don't reach it - so I pace around the house until I tick over.

That's the FitBit effect - not only has laziness been quantified, but you mentally determine how many steps you need to exceed to not have a lazy day and then do your best not too. When you find that you start meeting your "I wasn't lazy" goal easily, you bump the goal up towards the 10,000 steps goal FitBit gave you... and you keep doing this until your definition of lazy is less than 10,000 steps.

Before you know it, you're getting healthier. Sometimes, you don't even notice. (Sometimes, you don't notice you're about to hit 10,000 steps either - [ profile] iberianwolf and I spent a good deal of Sunday traversing furniture stores. At 2:30pm, on our way home, I noticed I was all of 100 steps shy of goal - and I got that wandering a rural post office in search of a self-serve machine that was not to be found.)

I was invited to a weight loss challenge with a group of friends that started October 1. Being a weight-loss challenge, you have to report a starting weight. I hadn't stepped on a scale in months, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the scale reported me 25lbs lighter than I recalled being in January. As a bonus, within a week I went to have a medical review done so i could start my new job and the scale at the office where I was agreed with mine here at home. I've lost almost 5 pounds since the beginning of October, and I'm looking forward to this trend continuing (but not buying new pants, shirts, and belts repeatedly. The upside is that smaller sizes tend to cost less.)

So, if you a simple, subtle motivation to move yourself more, I recommend getting a FitBit, or a similar device. If you happen to get (or already have) a FitBit, feel free to add me as a friend.
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Those of you on Facebook have already seen this but we're getting published in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association's newsletter for an article on the benefits of using/learning reiki. Yay first formal publishing credit!

Also can people please prompt us on the December talking meme (LJ)?

Things we're willing to do:
- Plurality FONSFAQ questions - here's the 2011 Master Post from that if there's anything there you'd like to see Our answers from ask them (including stuff we've claimed but not written)
- fiction prompts. December's fiction is Intergalactic Urban Search and Rescue so if you have prompts for either the science fantasy ship Hallows or the science fiction ship Heartbeat, leave them. If you need help, you can use any of the bingo cards on [personal profile] brides_koneko
- photography prompts
- any writing related prompts from our Mission 101 list
- ask us to make another 100 self-care tools post
- anything you want to ask us that you've been afraid to ask
post-tags: instagram, crosspost "Then the horizon glows, almost like it's on fire." #sunset #winter #newengland
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I know it's been over a month since I last updated..... it might be a while more.

We are, now, as broke as I've ever been. We've made every effort over the last 2 years to keep this day from coming, apparently THAT has worked against us. When we got to the point we were desperate enough to apply for government assistance, we've been rejected.

Back in March I cashed in what there was of my 10 yrs of RRSP contributions. $16,000. Half of that went to Australia to pay off mounting credit cards that had been keeping us going for 6 months before that. Yes, it was a bit of a shell game with the cash, but it was one way to keep the wolves from the door and I never expected to have to explain what we were doing. But because those explanations are inadequate, our application for assistance has been rejected. They suggested James apply for an Australian pension scheme he is ineligible for.

There is $2.52 in the bank.

The Feychild, as an adult will be receiving a small cheque every month as a 'boarder', that will be sufficient to buy the supplies James needs for the orders he has outstanding, and we'll have to make an executive decision to spend some of it on more time for my cell, and to reinstate the phone.... we need connectivity if there's any hope of me finding work ... ever. We might be able to keep the lights on and diesel in the oil tank if the china cabinet sells. Or any of the other pieces we have up for sale. We have about $300 worth of market orders to deliver.

I don't know what, if anything, we're going to be able to do to continue with the web hosting, but we'll keep the lights on here as long as we can, we owe that much to the good folks of the comic community whose donations back in June kept us going. If you are at all inclined to order something special, custom, or bespoke for a loved one for the holidays, we'd be very pleased for the business. ( )

We haven't hit the end of our rope, but it's as close as anyone ever would want to be.

Originally posted to: The Plan® comment there or here
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Children’s Stories Made Horrific: Love You Forever (tw: dysfunctional parenting)

More Screaming
Some highlights from Kim Beom's 2012 installation piece, Yellow Scream. Startle warning: sudden very loud noises.

Myth and Legend
Ursula Vernon's 'The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight'

Pleasant Ideas
In Which I... Plan a Walking Holiday. Jonathan describes how he and his partner plan theirs.

Stephanie Giese compares boys' and girls' clothing. No, not just the slogans and colours, the fucking sizes and cuts.

How Dave Ramsey manages his company

In Our Care: Four Corners' report on rapes and sexual assaults and other abuses by Yooralla employees on people with disabilities in their care. (Video with CC, no transcript, trigger warning for everything you would expect from that summary.)

Bears Repeating
Book of Jubilation's 'A note on “normal” for depressed folks'

I Don't Know What He's Talking About
Shark Cats are NOT horrible. They're adorable.
A drama in two scenes, so far )

It's like a rule of computing that everything you fix either causes or reveals at least two other problems. I was mostly laughing because it's so familiar from everything I do breaking when I ask people to test it for me. At least this time it's not my responsibility!

Now, if only my emails would start working again...
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Happy Birthday [ profile] orangemike
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The Good Wife

This show is really trying to break me.

Read more... )

The Affair

I feel conflicted about this. It's beautifully shot and the acting is top-notch and the story is interesting enough. But I dislike every single character, most worryingly even the two leads (Noah is just such a holier-than-thou, look-at-me-noone-understands-me forty-something white male; Alison is more sympathetic but ultimately I never warmed up to her). And I've always found adultery difficult to watch (it's one of my biggest fears, so I suppose this hits all a bit too close to home). However, I keep on watching. Read more... )

Madam Secretary

This is basically the opposite of The Affair. I adore the main characters but wish the plot in general and story-of-the-week were more interesting.
Read more... )
Anyway, this is mostly fluff I watch because Tea Leoni and Tim Daly are awesome and hot. I know that if I were back to work I would have neither time nor patience to deal with this sort of show (the politics are very...American).

Sleepy Hollow

I mainlined the first eight episodes of the new season when [ profile] briasoleil was here and have only now had the chance to catch up with the latest two. This is not the kind of show I'd seek out and watch on my own (supernatural drama is not my thing, as a general rule but I'm willing to make excepetions for good writing, see Being Human (UK)) but last year [personal profile] briasoleil made it again very easy for me to watch it and I was charmed. Ichabod is too adorable not to watch and his friendship/partnership with Abby is brilliant - I want more boy/girl teams of friendship and awesome. (I ship them a little, only I'm afraid the show would ruin what's great about them if they got together).

Read more... )

The Fall

I don't have much to say about this one. I enjoy all detective dramas if well-written, and this one is no exception.
Read more... )

I just remembered something - wasn't Colin Morgan supposed to star in this series of The Fall? Did I miss something?

The Game

This is a BBC America drama I stumbled across by chance and decided to watch because a) after bringing us Orphan Black I felt I owed it to BBC America to give their original stuff attention b) it's written by Toby Whithouse, i.e. the writer and creator of Being Human (UK), one of my favourite shows of the past few years.

It's a spy story set in the 1970s. Cold war sort of stuff - an MI6 cell is trying to take down a KGB operation in Britain, known as Operation Glass. It's shot beautifully, in a way that is very reminiscent of Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (all muted colours and artsy camera work), and I think that was clever as the comparison was inevitable. However it lacks the Machiavellian intricacy of the Le Carré . Which could be its saving grace or biggest weakness, depending on how you felt about the 2011 film, I suppose. I had liked it very much.
The cast is very good and features many of the twelve British actors. Read more... )

Unfortunately the writing is not what I expected from Withhouse or possibly it's just the Americans have raised the bar too high when it comes to Cold War espionage. it's all perfectly fine and nice to watch but not terribly exciting.