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We have tickets to see an open air performance of the Carmina Burana in an hour. 10 minutes ago, it went dark outside, 5 minutes ago the storm started and I could hear thunder. One minute ago, the storm turned into something worse.

The hail is predicted to reach 3 centimeters in diameter...

Guess we're staying inside?
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Does not include the hour drive from home to Denver International Airport, or the reverse.

LGBT History
Victor Mukasa successfully sued a government official for illegally searching his home. In 2005, in Uganda. They were looking for evidence of LGBT activity. He is a trans man. He also founded Sexual Minorities Uganda. He's now living in the US, but is still active with the group he founded.

Protest Music
Wiring, by Jen Msumba, a survivor of the Judge Rotenberg Center. Content notes: child harm, psychiatric abuse.

Food Timeline

Things that exist
lo mi jufra, by selpa'i. An original rap song in Lojban. Yes, Lojban rap. Lojban. Rap. I have no idea what it says. Also, by the same performer, jmive za'o, or 'Still Alive' in Lojban.

Australian Music
Australian Folk Songs

Star Wars
The Icelandic saga version.

Marquess of Queensberry Rules
Why Don't Men Kick Each Other In The Balls?

Historical Mythbusting
Sinking Myths: Men actually Most Likely To Survive Shipwrecks. Titanic was the exception, not the rule.

More Things That Exist
The Post Office Electrical Engineer's Journal

Angry Birds
Hatebeak were a heavy metal band active from 2003-2009. Their lead vocalist was an African Grey parrot. They never toured, so as not to harm the bird. Their albums were Beak of Putrefaction, Bird Seeds of Vengeance, and The Thing That Should Not Beak.
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I have to start generating draft post link dumps as I post things to G+.

On movies:

You should be reading Wesley Morris, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his movie criticism, regardless of whether you want to see the movies he's writing about. Here he is about the truly appalling Ted 2:

For people of color, some aspect of friendship with white people involves an awareness that you could be dropped through a trapdoor of racism at any moment, by a slip of the tongue, or at a campus party, or in a legislative campaign. But it’s not always anticipated. You don’t expect the young white man who’s been seated alongside you in a house of worship to take your life because you’re black. Nor do you expect that a movie about an obscene teddy bear would invoke a sexual stereotype forced upon you the way Kunta Kinte was forced to become “Toby” [in Roots].

And as a palate cleanser, his review of Magic Mike XXL.

The AV Club's Random Roles series is almost always great. Here's Diana Riggs, who I've never even seen on screen and who I now want to be when I grow up.

I also love their Expert Witness series; here's a recent one on being a second-unit director on Hollywood blockbusters and one I somehow missed on from a camera operator on the Puppy Bowl.

On TV:

I don't watch Penny Dreadful but [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine's recaps of it are worthy of live-blogging on their own. The one about the most recent episode contains such gems as "Somehow opting not to just go full Gothic and have sex in front of the corpse" and "(He had so much trouble just facing his mother’s death that he made three more people. Then he had sex with at least one of them. The man is troubled.)"

I also don't watch Parks and Recreation (though I'm considering it), but I suspect fans of it would like this vid by [personal profile] such_heights.

On books:

This review of For Such a Time by Kate Breslin makes you wonder how on Earth anyone could possibly think that it was a good idea. (Content notes: Holocaust, dubcon.)

Palate cleanser: absolutely hilarious Imperial Radch AU by Rachel Swirsky.


@AcademicsSay: The Story Behind a Social-Media Experiment, an interesting look at the growth of that Twitter account and what the academic behind it decided to do with the social capital it had.

Yakhchāls: "By 400 BCE, Persian engineers had mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the desert."

A Mostly Accurate Norse God Family Tree, in comic form, with research notes. A.K.A., "TIL that Odin's grandparent was a cow."

The Poet Laureate of Fan Fiction, an interview with someone whose work was appropriated by Supernatural fandom.

Did my boyfriend just get married? on AskMetaFilter; search the poster's username for updates.

What This Cruel War Was Over, the meaning of the Confederate flag in the plain words of those who bore it.

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Have some unsorted links before I get cracking on work for the day!

I haven't seen Inside Out (yet), so I haven't actually read past the first couple of paragraphs, but: "The Science of ‘Inside Out’". "As scientists who have studied emotion for decades, we were delighted to be asked. We ended up serving as scientific consultants for the movie, “Inside Out,” which was recently released. / Our conversations with Mr. Docter and his team were generally about the science related to questions at the heart of the film: How do emotions govern the stream of consciousness? How do emotions color our memories of the past? What is the emotional life of an 11-year-old girl like? (Studies find that the experience of positive emotions begins to drop precipitously in frequency and intensity at that age.)"

"27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz". Oh, Buzzfeed titles. Never change. (Actually, no. PLEASE CHANGE.)

Lifehacker: "This Graphic Shows You the Many Ways to Make Real Ramen".

"Farewell to America: After 12 years in the US, Gary Younge is preparing to depart – as the country’s racial frictions seem certain to spark another summer of conflict". "Raising a black child in a racist society poses a very particular set of challenges. On the one hand, you want them to be proud and confident of who they are. On the other, you have to teach them that they are vulnerable precisely because of who they are, in the knowledge that awareness of that vulnerability just might save their life. We are trying to raise self-confident children for long lives, not hashtags for slaughter."

"3D Printed Rats Make For Cheaper and More Ethical Dissections".

"Sony's Robotic Dogs Are Dying A Slow And Heartbreaking Death". (I have a real soft spot for the Aibo; during [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose's and my time living in Toronto, [livejournal.com profile] tamakun first dreamed of and then acquired his, which he named TK.)

Via Facebook:

--"6 Ways Nature Cleans Up Our Messes Better Than We Do". [Cracked.com]

--"17 Reasons Your Cat Is Giving You An Attitude". (What's with the "an" in the title? Is that a regional thing? We'd just say "giving you attitude".)

--"Scientists Create Holograms that you can Touch".

--"I Read The New “Fifty Shades” Book, And It Is Absolutely Batshit. E. L. James’ new book is called Grey. We need to talk about how crazy this book is. NSFW language ahead – including the phrase “music to my dick”."

--"This 10-Story Factory Has Been Transformed Into An Incredible Adult Playground".

--"Here’s what your kitchen will look like in 2025, according to IKEA".

--"The Light Show in the Great Smokey [sic.] Mountains: Today, the rare Smoky Mountain fireflies are a tourist attraction. Twenty years ago, science didn’t believe they existed."

--"When America's Librarians Went To War".

--"How Do We Break Our Internet Habit and Read More Books?" (Posted for interest, not because the article holds THE ANSWER.)

--"How The Deepest, Darkest Secrets Of Moms Shape The Products In Aisle 6". "While working in advertising for 12 years, Wintsch witnessed the creation of campaigns depicting the most idealized version of moms based on outdated (and incorrect) notions of motherhood. 'It's really outdated. It's archaic,' she said. 'It really bothers me—it bothered me so much that I created a company to fix it.'"
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I'm excited, except for the bit where it's already nearly here, ugh, where does the time go?

I don't have my Safety Committee schedule yet, so I can't make plans to see people, but if you're going and I don't already know, please tell me!

Friday July 10 - 2:00 PM - ENL - The Parental Undertones of Fannishness.
Toni Kelner, Kate Nepveu, Jennifer Pelland, Diane Weinstein (leader).
After the first Peter Capaldi episode of Doctor Who aired, Jet Cuthbertson (@Jet_Heather) tweeted, "Hard to sum up my feelings towards #DrWho- at once completely critical, but protective & adoring. Condemning, but desperate for another fix." This summarizes the conflicting urges that drive many fans to create fanfiction and fan art with the goal of improving a book or show that they find simultaneously appealing and insufficient. But it also sounds like a description of parenting: protective and loving, eager to see achievement that matches potential, critical of shortcomings, concerned about conflicts between the parent's goals for the child and the child's own ambitions. What leads fans to take on this parental role with the works they love? Is it appropriate and respectful, or literally paternalistic? How does it mesh with the parental feelings that creators often have for their own works? And what can fans learn from the struggles and successes of parents?

Friday July 10 - 7:00 PM - ENL - Recent Fiction Book Club: Persona.
Victoria Janssen, Kate Nepveu (leader), Fran Wilde.
In a world where diplomacy has become celebrity, a young ambassador survives an assassination attempt and must join with an undercover paparazzo in a race to save her life, spin the story, and secure the future of her young country in this near-future political thriller. For author Genevieve Valentine, restraint is a mode of composition, both in the beautifully understated sparsity of her prose and in her protagonists' taut, tense stillness. In Persona, where the degree to which one has or has not smiled reveals or conceals a wealth of information, restraint is crucial to a Face's survival. Persona brings up questions of identity and celebrity, managing to be a tense, carefully wrought thriller while still nodding and winking at the camera. You'll never look at a red carpet the same way again.

Saturday July 11 - 10:00 AM - F - Successfully Writing About Horrible Things.
Mike Allen, Catt Kingsgrave, Shira Lipkin, Kate Nepveu (leader), Patty Templeton.
If you're not writing horror but your plot calls for something horrific to happen to a character, how do you handle it? You might go overboard and be detailed to the point of undermining or derailing the narrative, or might be so vague that the horrific event has little effect on the reader or the story. A reader who's been through a similar experience might be offended or distressed by a description of awfulness that's lurid, gratuitous, clichéd, or bland. What strategies can writers use to help readers empathize with the characters' suffering and build stories that respectfully handle the consequences of terrible events, without falling into these traps?

Sunday July 12 - 12:00 PM - ENL - Fandom and Rebellion.
Gemma Files, Catt Kingsgrave, Kate Nepveu (leader), A. J. Odasso, Ann Tonsor Zeddies.
ifeelbetterer on Tumblr writes, "No one is more critical of art than fandom. No one is more capable of investigating the nuances of expression than fandom—because it's a vast multitude pooling resources and ideas. Fandom is about correcting the flaws and vices of the original. It's about protest and rebellion, essentially.... Fandom is not worshipping at the alter of canon. Fandom is re-building it because they can do better." Our panel of creators and fans will dig into the notion of when, why, how, and whether fan works and remixes are "better" than the original, especially when they come from a place of protest and challenge.

Sunday July 12 1:00 PM - CO - A Visit from the Context Fairy.
Kythryne Aisling, Stacey Friedberg, Gwynne Garfinkle, Kate Nepveu, Sonya Taaffe.
In a blog post at Book View Café, Sherwood Smith writes about the opposite of visits from the "Suck Fairy": going back to a book you disliked and finding that the "Win Fairy" (to coin a term) improved it when you weren't looking. Are the Suck Fairy and the Win Fairy really two faces of a unified Context Fairy? If context is so crucial to loving or hating a work, how does acknowledging that affect the way a reader approaches reading, or a writer approaches writing? How does one's hope for or dread of the Context Fairy influence decisions to reread, rewrite, revise or otherwise revisit a written work?

Thoughts on these? Comment, do, I always find it helpful and interesting!
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A few years ago, I got a NAS*. It came with a pair of 2TB hard drives, which ran as a mirror of each other, so I had 2TB of space to store stuff in.

When it ran out of space, I picked up a third 2TB drive, stuck it in, and told the system "Add this drive to the volume." - which meant that I now had 4TB of space, with check-data spread across the three of them. And because technology is awesome it managed all of that while still working perfectly, and without me having to use a command line.

When we arrived back from Christmas this year, the box was unhappy. One of the drives wasn't working in when I turned it back on, so I ordered a new drive from Amazon. I picked up a 3TB one, because they were almost as cheap as a 2TB one, and I knew that I might want to expand again in the future**. I opened up the NAS, noticed that the non-functional drive was slightly loose, and pushed it back into place at the same time as adding the new drive. This then gave me four drives - and 6TB of storage***.

_Yesterday_ the system told me that one of the 2TB drives was dying. And because we're off on holiday tomorrow to see Julie's parents (and their six-month Alsatian puppy) I wanted to get this fixed before something died. And thanks to the wonders of Amazon and DPD I was able to order a new 3TB drive**** and have it delivered this morning - for a fiver extra. Which, frankly, for a Sunday is pretty amazing.

I poped open the NAS, took out the broken drive, slid in the new drive, closed it back up, and turned it back on again. Two minutes later it started beeping, and logging into the web interface it said "Your disk volume is broked. Want to repair it using that shiny new disk you just popped in?" All I had to do was click "Indeedly", and it's added the new disk to the volume, and is now busy moving things around to ensure that it's backing up the existing drives. At the end of that I should have about 7TB of space available*****. And I'm not using anywhere near that much!

Basically, computers are awesome, and it's never been easier to have oodles of storage that you don't need all of in your home.

*Network Attached Storage - a small computer with some hard drives in it that acts as storage that anything in the flat can talk to. Including the music player in the kitchen, the tablets, and the Playstation, so I can stream music and video from it to the TV. Better than an actual PC because it's tiny, low-power, and much easier to manage.
**Due to the way redundant disk arrays work, when you have a single drive bigger than the others the extra chunk isn't available, because there's nowhere to store the check data for it.
***Well, 5.36TB, because the "2TB" drives were actually 1.82TB. Because of computer maths.
****£85 for 3TB! Young Andy is boggled.
***** If you care about how it manages to do this, then see here. It's quite neat.
Yesterday we went to Fergus and Sonya's handfasting, which was held by the shores of St Margaret's Loch, which looked a bit like this:

Unfortunately, you're not allowed large groups up at the ruined chapel any more, but having the ceremony on the shores of the loch worked perfectly (and didn't require us to walk up the hill, which was a definite positive).

It was a lovely day, and great to see people there. Lots of relaxing conversation, and good to see Fergus and Sonya (literally) tie the knot We went on to the pub afterwards with them, and ate some lovely vegan food, before running away home. We ended up walking along the same route I take home from work - which has some of the nicest views of Edinburgh, so we got a couple of photos.

The dress code was decidedly non-formal (with a preference for "Just escaped from a circus" and a ban on ties), so Julie dressed colourfully, and I grabbed some smart-casual stuff left over from India.

Sadly, with the way the light at 7pm was the choices were either "Light directly behind us", "In the shadow of the photographer" or "We are standing in a rainbow". Such are the joys of phone cameras.

It was a bit easier on the way home:

To the far left you can see the Scottish Parliament, the sticky-up poles are from the Dynamic Earth centre, and directly beneath us is Carlton Studios, where I have spent many hours dancing. Behind us are Salisbury Crags, and behind that Arthur's Seat.
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"One should always sleep in all of one's guest beds, to make sure that they are comfortable." -- Eleanor Roosevelt (b. 1884-10-11, d. 1962-11-07), My Day (newspaper column) 1941-09-11

[To my friends observing Tzom Tammuz today, may you have an easy fast.]

What's Making Me Happy Today

The existence of a faint breeze.

We've been having a heat wave here, and while it's not really any hotter than the summers I grew up with back east, man, is the city unprepared for it. Very few public or private buildings around here have air conditioning, let alone central air, and they tend to be designed to naturally conserve heat for mild winters. Most delightfully of all, my rental unit doesn't come with direct access to the pilot on the heater, because would the small amount of warmth it generates really matter all that much over the summer?

Answer: Yes, yes it would.

But tonight, there is a tiny bit of airflow coming in, and I have renewed hope in my heart that someday the city will return to its god-intended cool gloom.

Camp NaNoWriMo Update, Day 4

Target Wordcount: 295

Actual Wordcount: 704

Total Progress: 2165 / 10,000

Excerpt )
post-tags: instagram, crosspost #fireworks from my bedroom window just now. Then the cops came and the kids fled, heh.
The shape of the Toronto trip was so different from usual, all told, between two wedding ceremonies to attend, more shopping than we typically do (poor wallet had a rough time), loading a moving truck yesterday, and coming back home today with Daisy!cat in tow. Ginny and I had an uneventful flight, other than Daisy getting airsick (poor kitty!), and we got her dropped off with the friend who'll be looking after her until Ginny gets her own place.

(Amusement for the day: hashtagging my related tweets with #FlyingMissDaisy.)

Then we came home, ordered and ate pizza, and each finished up some freelance work that was due. Ginny then went to bed like a sensible person (or at least like a morning person who's been running on fumes and far too little sleep), and here I am, toppled into the internet. It happens.

Tomorrow and Monday I have to work a LOT, because I have a script due Monday, and we really shouldn't talk about how much I have left to do. >.> Wish me luck? And focus?

[dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose and Kas are over halfway home and safely stopped for the night, and will be here sometime tomorrow. Yay! I wasn't really sure how Jinksy would react when I arrived home without [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose, but he seemed to take it fairly well, especially since I brought Ginny with me, which offers bonus distraction. Both he and Claudia spent the first couple of hours following us around--not right on our heels, but not subtly, either.

There's so much I always miss about Toronto as soon as we leave (or preemptively, to be precise), beyond the obvious problem where I'm always missing somebody. Right now I'm especially missing [dreamwidth.org profile] shiroiko, who drove us to the airport with her Jason, and who's understandably taking Ginny's leaving really hard. ;_; But OTOH, I'm looking forward to seeing [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear (whenever that works out--in terrible timing, she has out-of-town visitors coming in) and other local folks.

To aim for a positive note, some tangible things (other than people and my cats) that make me glad to be back in Halifax:

1) The fact that I'm about to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a fortnight.

2) Getting to wash my hair in local water (some parts of Nova Scotia have water that my hair hates even more than it hates Toronto water, but my hair gets along fairly well with city water).

3) The fact that I won't be on my feet constantly now that I'm home; I like it when I spend a ton of time walking around in Toronto, but my feet have been sore for days now.

4) Being back to Mahir (my desktop system), with his properly clacky keyboard and superior-to-Lincoln's specs.

5) The prospect of catching up on the shows I'm behind on (Penny Dreadful and Hannibal, especially; I think I'm two episodes behind on both), and of getting my hair dyed and cut (having failed to do either before we left).
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332, which given that I was sick at the beginning of the month and am much less mobile at work due to a change in role, I am okay with.
post-tags: instagram, crosspost #Hapa 4th of July! (Featuring an abridged version of my grandma's Filipino fruit salad: peaches + nata de coco. Missing: langka, pears, maraschino cherries.)
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a furniture designer, a mechanical engineer, and a hardware company rep walk into an italian bar...

lots of marvelous ideas here: http://resourcefurniture.com/transform-space/

i didn't see any pricing, but i expect this to be quite expensive considering how perfectly everything is balanced, and the high-class materials and presentation. but hey, great ideas, and something from which a serious geek maker could be getting inspiration.
Sweet Rims: If you could own a vehicle in the shape of the vehicle mode of any Transformers character, what would it be?

(Skipped a couple because I didn’t have an answer for them.)

Pipe dream: Camaro!Bee. Or Tracks. FLYING CAR.
Practical purposes: G1 Groove or Arcee. Or Rodimus Prime - his trailer is one you can actually live in. :D
The yeah-right option: Skyfire. Impractical unless your daily commute includes the moon, but he’s awfully pretty.
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38 degrees Celsius outside today. Wow. That, like, never happens in these regions of Germany.

I am so glad we moved to the house in spring. Being able to lie in the shade in my own garden is so much better than sweating in the apartment under the roof for the last five summers. I also did some gardening and grocery shopping, but mostly today was just relaxing and trying to enjoy the sun.
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Today started with my doing further tidying of the house in anticipation of my friend BK coming over to help me get the filing cabinets that I never should have bought out of here (it seemed like a good idea at the time: two matching box/box/file cabinets to replace my non-matching ones and from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore so incredibly reasonably priced for what they were... but I waffled extensively on getting them, forgetting that when it takes me that long to make up my mind the answer is "No". And as it turns out, there are very sound reasons why my non-matching cabinets work so thinking about replacing them was ill-advised).

Then off to the Light Rail Station to get BK and home... where we quickly loaded each cabinet onto my folding handtruck (that isn't functioning overly well, as in it's not locking open; when money gets better I should replace it) and brought them outside to the curb figuring some scrap metal guy will scarf them up if someone who wants them as file cabinets doesn't grab them first.

But the best part is I knew they were changing the energy in my house just being here and also blocking my access to my balcony (not overly important on its face except that I like the door being open at night when it cools off so nicely) and my house already feels better for having them gone.

Drove BK home so I could run by an ATM near his house to get money (long story) but it was temporarily out of service so off to another bank closer to home except somehow -- on a national holiday with the banks shut -- the monies for the red light ticket I got when driving a rental car got yoinked from my account in the meantime. Which I wasn't expecting and which let out a bit of a gasp on my part as suddenly money is tighter than I was expecting. Again. Especially as I'm driving into the city for work this afternoon/evening. Beyond the "It's going to be really hard to walk after today's job -- 8 hours playing wandering concierge making sure people don't fall off the deck, go up to the roof for a better view of the fireworks, or making out (or get ill) in the stairwell --- and so having the car close to hand when leaving work at 10 PM wiil be handy", it turns out that it will actually be less expensive to pay the toll than to pay round trip carfare plus what will likely be a taxi home. But it's going to make me shorter on cash than I'd like. Ah well. I'll survive.

Have now had lunch (Variations on a Theme by Posole; accompanied by a trio of buttered corn tortillas) and about to get into suit for work (black suit, white shirt, tie... putting on a vest also in case the jacket wants to come off but it's already cool enough outside that I'm guessing it won't) and head into the city to allow plenty of time to find parking (which shouldn't be overly challenging as it's the Fourth of July and everyone leaves the city but I'm not holding my breath) and find the building and get there early so that I can familiarize myself with people, places and things before my shift goes into full swing. Must remember to bring extra Tylenol/paracetemol and protein bars (likely the only food I'll get to eat in my eight hours working and that snagged in fits and starts likely in the afore-mentioned stairwell).

Working 8 hours today and then home for sleeping and then back to the city tomorrow (though on PATH; note to self: CHECK THE SCHEDULE! It's SUNDAY!) for five hours in a leasing office. And then Monday is at Major NonProfit and Tuesday through Thursday (unless the temp agency comes up with something) likely at CarRental Company and then I'll hope for more work from temp agency.

I should probably get moving... tempus is fugit-ing.
I would first of all like to wish all those celebrating today, a most happy and joyous Independence Day. I think we deserve it, especially following last Friday's US Supreme Court victory in the battle to make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. I'm leaving out ObamaCare simply because it's become a more controversial thing than LGBT(Q?) rights, and because I for one don't have a clear understanding of it yet. But in addition, this is my first post to AO3 so I hope it makes it to the site eventually.