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Episode 51, "Rumbling": I completely forgot the existence of this episode until I was checking a list for titles. On skimming the transcript . . . yeah, no wonder I forgot it, though it has an extremely cute Carlos/Cecil moment at the end.

Episode 52, "The Retirement of Pamela Winchell": we were asked at the LonCon panel who our favorite character was, and she was the first one to come to my mind (besides Cecil, I mean). So this was great.

Episode 53, "The September Monologues": I was thoroughly unimpressed with the middle one as a character, and the voice that Steve Carlsberg's actor uses makes my ears itch.

Episode 54, "A Carnival Comes to Town": (spoilers) )

And hey, a weather by a band I knew already! We'd seen PigPen Theatre Co.'s "The Old Man and The Old Moon" (NYT review) on a trip to NYC a few years ago. It was generally charming but I spent every minute that the female character was onstage thinking (a) this guy is doing a very nice job of playing an old woman but (b) could they really not have found a single female actor to guest in this role, even if they didn't want to have her be in their company/band?
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I got up at 3am on Friday morning. The thunder had woken me up around half past midnight, but otherwise I slept surprisingly well for a night before a travelling day and an eary start. It had clearly rained overnight but it wasn't any more when I walked to the bus stop. The bus journey to the airport and the flight to Düsseldorf itself passed without a hitch, and I found the train to the city centre easily enough. Having stowed my cabin bag in a storage locker at the main station, I was free to explore the city.

I had planned to do Friday as a museums day in Düsseldorf and I started off with K20 (one of the three sites of Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen). My next stop was Hetjens ceramics museum, and from there I went to the Stadtmuseum, and then to Kunstpalast. In between, there was some walking in the old town and by the Rhine. After Kunstpalast, I went to check into my hotel and get out again for some more sightseeing by the Rhine. I took the tram to Medienhafen and walked back. It had been a warm day, even sticky, and at one point I thought we were about to get a thundery shower, but it never materialised. Eventually, the early morning caught up with me and I returned to my hotel to get my feet up.

Some pics )

On Saturday, I travelled to Essen. It started to rain whilst I was on the train, and stopped some time in the afternoon, but there were more showers later on. My first stop was Museum Folkwang, then I made my way to Zeche Zollverein, where I visited the Red Dot Design Museum and the Ruhr Museum. It's an amazing site, a former coal mine (and the related processing facilities), and these days it's a cultural centre and a UNESCO heritage site. There would have been a lot more to see there than I managed, and I definitely lingered.

Pics )

After Zollverein, I managed a little bit of shopping before returning to Düsseldorf.

On Sunday, I went to Dortmund as I'd planned, and visited the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, which was interesting. After it, I was fully museum-ed out and skipped my other planned destination, Museum Ostwall. I spent some time just walking around, but it got a bit dull because it being a Sunday, all shops were closed and hardly any people seemed to be out and about (it had rained in the morning). So I got back to Düsseldorf and spent some time walking and sitting down reading by the Rhine. At least there were people around there (there was a book fair thing down there as well).

I had saved most of my shopping for Monday, and I think I found more stuff that I'd imagined: two shirts (in addition to one bought in Essen), one pair of trousers, some underwear. The hardest thing was finding something for my niece for her upcoming birthday—maybe I was looking in the wrong shops, but it was a real struggle to find anything in her size. Once I felt I'd shopped enough, I took the train to the airport, and the return journey went without a hitch.
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Such insomnia the night before last, and not enough sleep last night either. Having trouble keeping my chin up and stringing words together, and so I present to you some Gratuitous Portraits Of Myself:

Sketches of myself on a sleepy day

Sketched while trying to stay conscious during a speakerphone meeting.

Uncanny, right?

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The In-Laws are here. Well, not right at this moment, today they've taken themselves downtown to be touristy for the day. (Which I expect means "from ten 'til about three," but you take what you can get.)

They're not bad people, and they're not related to me by blood so there's not the decades of history. They're just ... people, in my space, requiring my attention, all the time.

We watched Totoro last night, which thrilled Mrs F no end. I am kind of surprised we'd never gotten around to showing it to her before.

As of today I am officially officially unemployed. I mean, they stopped letting me go to work a month ago, but as of today the four weeks' pay-in-lieu-of-notice is up. I have one more paycheck coming at the end of the month, and then I am free from the tyranny of regular and sufficient income.

I am of course displeased with how I've spent my sabbatical so far. This speaks less to how I've spent my sabbatical and more to my need to rejigger my expectations of myself so they line up better with what I actually want to do.

Also, as of today I have less than a year to go on my 101-in-1001 list. Several of these items are not going to happen; others are merely staggeringly unlikely. Ah well. I plow ahead regardless.

101 in 1001 update )
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I’m currently torn on what to nominate for my third fandom for Yuletide. My first two are Ghostbusters and Legend (1985).

I was merely waffling on Murder By Death (1976), and Bewitched (the tv series). However, I’ve also learned that Sleepy Hollow is still eligible for Yuletide. So, here's a poll.

Poll #15956 Which Fandom Do I Nominate?
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Pick One--Or Two, If You Can't Decide Either

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Bewitched (TV Series)
2 (22.2%)

Murder By Death (1976)
3 (33.3%)

Sleepy Hollow (Fox series)
5 (55.6%)

And for those on the Livejournal side and unable to vote in the poll, please post your answer in the comments. I’ll factor it in when I close the poll on Thursday afternoon.
I just cleaned the shelf above my desk! Which is very nice, and now I just need to shove some money into my "storage solutions" fund so I can buy some decent boxes next month.

I think the next job is to clean out my rubbish bins.

I've still got a whole load of stuff in carrier bags (and black sacks) - some of which need to go straight up to the attic, others of which still need to be sorted through and culled, etc. But I'm slowly starting to get better control over my belongings, which is quite nice.

Planning is a bit difficult, or so it seems to me, but I'm working on it one step at a time. And I'm actually getting washing done regularly which is really nice for my mental state, it turns out.

So, yes. Slow progress. But progress!
me: I dreamed last night sort of a cross between King Arthur and Vikings, the TV show. The part I remember most clearly is saying to a man on the other side of the table, "Lance, I say this with all the honor and respect due a knight of the realm -- Fuck you."

Geoff: I actually wasn't expecting that to end there. I was expecting you to end with "Just kiss Arthur already!"

me: Heh. Nope.

Geoff: "And you can share Gwen."

me: Are you kidding, I'd be Gwen. But I wasn't; I was a knight, or a warrior.

Geoff: Yeah, you seem more the bloodthirsty type.

me: Damn straight.

Geoff: Except for the straight part.

me: Man, this post just keeps getting longer.
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[I never got around to using this when folks were still dealing with the sale of LJ, but it's been sitting in the queue waiting for something like Facebook suddenly getting insistent about its real names policy (or Google's outing of trans people a few years ago) ...]

"We give these companies a great deal of control over our privacy and our speech - and even if we trust that company with those responsibilities now, there are no guarantees that the pressures upon and motivations of that company will stay constant over time.

"The news that LiveJournal has been sold to SUP, a Moscow-based company, is the latest vivid indication of this danger. [...]"

-- Danny O'Brien, "Between Friends: The Perils of Centralized Blogging", Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2007-12-03

[Happy first day of (astronomical) Autumn! For folks who like to keep track, the exact time of the Autumnal Equinox this year as 22:29 last night Eastern Daylight Time / 02:29 this morning Coordinated Universal Time.]

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Purple has successfully identified my "You are the best Purple" expression. It is very much like the "That is a sufficiently bad pun that I will now gently punch you in the arm" expression. Which makes sense, in a kindergarten dynamics sort of fashion. He teased me about this.

Friday was the Finding Nemo day, but I had stuff to do. I am amused by the snacks -- goldfish crackers and blue-and-green M&Ms are the bestworst movie snack ever. I cross-checked with Purple, who was likewise busy. We got out of the office surprisingly early, and then spent quite some time lollygagging about in the parking lot chatting.

[personal profile] sithjawa wins some sort of prize for selfie with large, slightly perturbed, Rhode Island Red cock.

I slept through most of the weekend, despite bottomless mimosa brunch and Folsom Street Fair both being scheduled for Sunday. I did go over to Guide Dog Aunt's for a movie, and then out on Sunday night to retrieve some nacho fries.

Averted (accidental) animal harm. )

Are you familiar with the "Big Bang" style fanwork challenge? In the most general terms, first there's the general theme of the challenge, then writers prepare some fic within the bounds of the challenge (generally long-form), then artists get the fic and illustrate it (not always visual art). They're posted anonymously for a short time, then the authors and artists are revealed. A "Reverse Big Bang" is where the art comes first and the fic comes second.


The Bad Bang: Like A Big Bang ... But Terrible. [personal profile] norabombay played in that one. The idea is: deliberately terrible art & deliberately terrible fic. It's horrifying and wonderful. I was content to just giggle at the various injokes until Nora basically grabbed me by the ear and made me pinch-hit for Bad Bang II: Bang Backwards.

The collection is still unrevealed, so I can't say which one I did. I can say that lb and StPatience quoted their favorite bits of it back to me, which is really hilariously gratifying. I feel like it may have the seeds of a decent crackfic if I, you know, ran spellcheck or bothered to correct typoes. Or engaged a beta reader who felt like doing his actual job.

I finished reading The Winter Long, so now I can go in search of spoiler-laden discussions! This was the book which made me decide that I totally need to hook Purple on these next, because I was going through and saying "I have got to go "aaaaaaa" at him about this!" and that sort of requires, you know, the first nine books in the series. Not that the first nine are sub-par! Far from it! But I sort of need to get him up to speed. After he finishes Parasite.

Purple knows a lot of people, and doesn't always have the best attention span on earth, so he can be prone to social swiping the way some people get nerdswiped. Case in point: today! Purple sent out the lunch call, but on his way to the cafeteria, he ran into his not-boyfriend (the guy who less-heteronormative people mistake for his boyfriend the way more-heteronormative people mistake me for his girlfriend) and his team, who were just headed out of the cafeteria because nothing there looked good. So they all went offsite for lunch, unexpectedly. (Me, texting: "Invisible Purple?" Purple, on IM, slightly later: "Sorry about that...")

Conferred with lb about the thing.

Friday's helldesk release was apparently uneventful. I did some poking and wikiwork and identified some of the requirements that had been fulfilled, and documented how to use some of them.

This time, Purple waited slightly for me to wrap up. At a sensible hour, even! We talked math class and terrible math jokes and childhood and college. He got to talking about some particularly tricky bit of debugging, with a program that was really not amenable to having picked apart where it goes wrong under some certain circumstances. And how somebody had to step up "and throw yourself on the grenade." And he paused, and looked at me. "Thank you for throwing yourself on that grenade so I don't have to," he said.

I gave him a quick sideways hug, and then we talked about the composition of the rag-tag group of scrappy yellathon enthusiasts who are determined to face up to the helldesk software.

I ate some dodgy pine nuts this weekend, so I am "enjoying" the bizarre aftertaste to my food.

Meal schedule issues, and other related fun. )
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Hello internet, long time no... internet.

The first week back from vacation was amazing. I can't recall ever taking a vacation and coming back to a new perspective on work. It's easy for me to not notice time passing, and projects keep going and going and I couldn't really plot out how much progress was made in any specific time frame. I ditched a bunch of work off my to-do list, threw it back in the pool for anyone else to pick up, including future me. I buckled down on the things I'd been actively working on, got one pushed out the door and a second close.

And the next month sucked. Some sort of delayed culture shock, I guess. I love the city, I love living in the middle of everything, getting delivery at 4:30 in the morning. But trees exist as tiny islands, grass an evey rarer sight. When my day winds down all I want is quiet and that's impossible here. It's actually easier to sleep during the day, there's a steady volume of noise, but at night there's spans of quiet randomly jarred by noises. Vacation was spent at a hotel a quarter mile from a university and a mile from downtown, and yet after 9pm it was silent, barely even the noises of the woods or traffic.

Work is good, work is amazing. Projects outside work are slowly getting worked on, but, well, work-work has always been easier.

Home is good, I love all the pieces (except the spotty hot water), but the combo of it all doesn't yet feel settled. It was moving without moving, newly appeared unexpected corners and random jarring moments.

I want things I cannot have, I know this, but it doesn't make it any easier. I want the city out my front door and the forest out the back. I want a six foot sound proof cube to rest and hide away in. I want an ankle-biting terrier who's love requires no interpretation and will greatly help keep me to a regular non-depressive-funk schedule and even drag me out of the house. I want the lights in the building to ever dim.

I want to know how to make myself happy, consistently, and not this hit or miss randomness and frustration.
Previously unread.

OK, I don't quite know where to start. Spoliers under the fold... )

I'm still not sure where it's all going. But it is awfully captivating.

Oh, there's also a few things that are likely to get the snot up some people's noses. There's plenty of bisexuality and gender fluidity. But that shouldn't be an issue for most people, I would've thought.

From this rant about New-Zealand politics and the electoral incompetence of their left-wing.

via [livejournal.com profile] soon_lee
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So, while the job hunt continues, I should really work on writing more until that comes to pass.

That said, should I work more on Overdriven or tackle one of these two concepts:

Option 1: A high-fantasy setting where music drives magic. Marching bands are armies, orchestras are weapons of mass destructions, and groups of traveling musicians are potentially feared. Magic is elementally aligned with different types of instruments (strings: fire, percussion: earth, woodwinds: wind, brass: water. there's the possibility of voice being involved). Some people are inherently magical and can bring forth magic with any instrument. Some instruments are magical and anyone playing them can bring forth magic. There's most likely a war

Option 2: A cataclysm has occurred and the surface of the planet is now, if not uninhabitable, unwise to inhabit. As a result of the cataclysm, holes have opened in the surface of the planet and revealed a layer of interconnecting caverns beneath. Airships now connect towns, villages, and the occasional small city that now exist on the bridges in the caverns. Below the caverns is an ocean and there are also ships sailing the ocean. This story would follow someone who's begins to learn the truth of the cataclysm as part of a normal trade run and sets out to learn more.
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Happy Birthday, Bilbo, Frodo, and Bingo! And cake to all who love them!
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A week or so ago, I managed to destroy a frying pan by sautéing pork chops in it in a fruit salsa sort of sauce. The pan was supposedly nonstick, but the fruit caramelized and stuck like you wouldn't believe. I eventually got most of it off, after days of soaking and prying at the layer of calcified fruit sauce with my fingernails (nails won't scratch a nonstick surface but are great at scraping and prying up gunk), but there was still a big patch that wasn't going anywhere. And the pan was decades old anyway, and probably that kind of Teflon nonstick that releases toxic fumes, so I tossed it and went out to Target for a replacement.

I browsed a bunch of shiny modern pans, especially the beautiful newfangled ceramic nonstick, and dithered for a while between a minor-brand pan, a mid-name pan that came with a glass lid, and a beautiful Calphalon pan with a white ceramic interior. It was the same price as the mid-name pan, though without a lid, and maybe fifteen dollars more than the downmarket one, and I dithered and dithered and finally decided, darn it, I take my cooking seriously, and I don't actually need the lid that comes with the middle one, and I almost always buy the cheap no-name stuff, and just this once I'm going to treat myself to the Calphalon. I mean, it's only a forty-dollar frying pan anyway, we're not talking hundreds of dollars' worth of cookware here. I want the Calphalon.

So I bought it!

And then I fried a couple of eggs in it, and they STUCK LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. Like after soaking it for two days, I think I could now laboriously scrape away the stuck egg with my fingernails, but hello, that is not what I bought a Calphalon pan for.

I'm really disappointed, and I'm going to try to return the pan.
Before I get to the spinning thing, I have to say that taking classes as a distance grad student is both very easy and really, really hard.  Without [personal profile] oriolegirl I really don't know how I'd stick to it.  Its not that the work is hard--it isn't--its that, right now there are so many other demands on my time, that I can't really focus the way I want to.  This is the busy season at work, non-work work is in full swing, family makes all the demands they have every right to make and I just want to breath for five minutes.  Except, homework!  I know, I signed up to this, so I just need to buckle down and read "More Product, Less Process" (about archival description) and the follow-up articles.  Which I will do.  Soon.  

As for this project, it is turning out to be...interesting.  I love the fiber, but the thinking it out prior to spinning is ARGH.

And now, spinning stuff ) 
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It was a good long weekend away: places I'd never been to before, time to do nothing, a break from the Internet (not entirely—I took advantage of the hotel free wi-fi to look up a couple of things on a map, but that was all) and I had a hassle-free journey home. I've mostly unpacked too, but laundry will have to wait until tomorrow.

More later, perhaps.