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"Hella Moon" is not enough letters for a troll name.

I have lost all will to make up twelve Chinese zodiac trolls, the rabbit has to be Hella Moon or life is not worth living.

You can add an h to the end of Hella. 

Hella* Moon, wherein asterisk indicates a footnote as to just how much moon.
To me, it means taking responsibility for the things you can take responsibility for. We're not responsible for everything in our lives - we're surrounded by a whole sea of stuff we have very little control over - but there are things we can take responsibility for, and where we can, adults do.

It means knowing exactly where you really are in life - without lying to yourself about what you are really like - and then setting your directions from there, rather than from some idealised version of yourself that never really existed.

It means that rather than making decisions on the basis of wishful thinking, you work out what the cost will be of getting the thing you want and make a conscious decision as to whether that's a cost you're willing to pay.

It means putting in the effort to understand world around you as it really is, not as we wish it was, and doing what's necessary to cope with that. And, sure, trying to change it for the better - but from a place of knowledge, not assumptions and bias.

(None of this is easy, and nobody gets this right all of the time - I sure as hell don't. Adulthood is an ideal to strive for, not something you achieve. Oh, and it shouldn't stop you from having a damn good time and engaging in child-like fun along the way.)
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[Χριστος Ανεστη! Happy Easter to everyone of my Faith -- Christ is risen! (For folks who are cuious but don't keep track: it's Easter in both calendars today; Western and Othodox Easter coincide this year.)]

"If your salvation was dependent on your ability to read and understand scripture, Jesus would have been an author." -- Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

It's the one true Christian holiday of the year and my favorite for that reason. Today your hostess will be doing marinated, boneless roast leg of lamb with fresh garlic, fresh string beans and - I don't know, perhaps jasmine rice with brown/lamb gravy, a side salad and some toasted French bread with butter. Kinda can't wait...

The thing is, if you disable your favorite browser's default styles (I use Firefox with the Web Developer add-on to do this under CSS-->Disable Styles-->Disable Default Browser Styles), then check your style sheet's display for inconsistencies and correct them as needed (I use resource://gre-resources/html.css and resource://gre-resources/forms.css to see what's going on) then haven't you effectively coded your CSS to work with the default styles of any modern browser? Because with that one browser's defaults disabled you're effectively coding with no default styles enabled for any browser at all, so you're forcing yourself to write bulletproof code without performing any cross-browser checks beforehand.

For added bulletproofedness you can use Web Dev to check Box Model compliance (Web Dev - CSS-->Use Border Box Model) - an exercise in torture for me because my entire blog narrows when I do that, but it's helped me solve two or three otherwise elusive bugs.

So no need to zero out everything and its brother before you start styling, no need to perform a reset, and no need for endless cross-browser checking. And before you whisper "IE OLD" at me, forget it. No browser designed to work in Quirks Mode to this day for backward support of websites made when IE1 was still popular should count for much unless you really care that slightly more than 50% of the population still uses some version of it (over 30% use IE8 on Vista, if you really must know, and yes...Vista, seriously). Besides which, anything at or above IE9 should work with what I'm suggesting.

For more bulletproofedness you can make sure your DOC type supports Standards, and for the most bulletproofedness possible you can make IE use IE Edge so when someone goes to click the Compatibility View button, it's greyed out and completely disabled, with no workaround to bring it back unless they use IE's built-in (and in my personal experience, quite hellish) Dev Tools.

In fairness to the zero-out-and-reset-it-all crowd, the main benefit of doing one or both is it might allow you to use less code overall; less code means smaller style sheets, and smaller style sheets mean faster page loads (and I want every page to load, at most, in a billionth of a second if it must take that long, so this is an Objective, for sure). If you zero out line heights you can set one line height on body and be done with it; margins and padding might work the same way depending on what you hope to accomplish and how good you are at pulling it off without adding an entire rat's nest of code to your style sheet.

Or if you don't want your code all that bulletproof? Your webpages don't have to look the same in every browser, anyway, so why bother? If it were up to me I'd have an unstyled, utterly resizable page for mobile and a much simpler design for IE - I have zero desire to be matchy-matchy across all the many browsers out there today. I simply want my code to work (and work as intended), wherever someone might see it.

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Today's Lexington excitement: fire alarm @ridestudiocafe! Right as I pull up, of course.
Taking a hopefully-quick break from work to update! I just renewed my Dreamwidth account, and am trying to wrap my head around the idea that I've had it since 2009. DW still feels shiny and new to me in some ways, even though the site does a lot of stuff now that it didn't back then.

New Orphan Black tonight! So excited! And also, I have a bit of dread at watching the show week by week as it airs, since I watched season 1 after it was all out. Waiting between episodes is likely to be an exercise in stress.

This year's Hugo nominations are being tweeted at [ profile] loncon3 as I'm writing this post (I imagine they'll all be out well before I get this actually posted). Here's an idly-made list of nominations that made me perk up: short list )

John Scalzi just posted the full list of nominees.

My main reaction: I'm glad Seanan got nominated for Parasite--favorite author nominated, yay!--but sad that How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea didn't pick up a Best Novella nomination. It's the first Newsflesh work to not be nominated (all three novels and the first two novellas were), and unless Seanan writes something new in that 'verse, it's the series' last chance at winning one. *sad* (Plus it's my favorite by far of the three novellas, but that's at least as much due to it involving characters from the trilogy as to its inherent quality; objectively, it may not be better.)

I told [personal profile] seascribe I'd describe a flat [personal profile] scruloose looked at when he was hunting for his very first apartment. *g* I only technically knew him at this point (it was back in 1996 or so, and we'd met and hung out a bit at a couple of cons but weren't friends yet), so this is entirely secondhand, but here's the gist:

He and my mother-in-law went to check this flat out together. It was located in the South End of Halifax (which sort of blends high-ends rents and student areas), and it was listed as being a main-floor flat in a renovated house, with bay windows...and it was dirt cheap. I think this was perhaps a case of them seeing the listing and feeling the need to check it out to see what the hell was wrong with the place.

Apparently it was a perfectly acceptable flat, complete with the advertised lovely windows and natural light...except for one small problem. In lieu of an actual bathroom, it had a toilet...standing all by its lonesome. In the middle of the kitchen. With a shower curtain sort of arrangement rigged up around it for nominal privacy (and, I presume, a sorry pretense at sanitation).

Needless to say, when he and I started hanging out only a month or so later, that was not where he lived.
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With the end of June and the beginning of a new lease cycle all too rapidly approaching, it's once again time for the new housemate search to begin!

The House: Victorian duplex in Takoma Park. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, ten-minute walk from Takoma Metro station, directly across the street from a bus stop. Household membership at the Takoma Park Food Co-op, also a ten-minute walk from the house, weekly farmers' market just five minutes away, and a nice selection of restaurants within easy walking distance. Has dishwasher, washer/dryer, front and back porches, gorgeous interior woodwork, a (possibly shared) driveway, resident-only street parking, gas stove, central A/C, double-pane windows, FiOS. In addition to bedrooms: living room, two(!) rooms we use as libraries, a well-equipped kitchen, a sun porch/dining room/pantry, and a large basement used for storage. $725/month + utilities.

The Household: Affectionately dubbed the People’s Republic of Fandom, we’re a bunch of introverted queer nerds. We possess All The Books, All The Comfy Couches, All The Tea, Netflix and GameCenter accounts that like being hooked up to a TV, and enough miscellaneous vintage electronics in the basement to film a credible ’70s sci-fi movie. We are very used to juggling odd schedules and mismatched dietary restrictions. Anything you may have heard about us being able to procure contraband jelly babies and/or uranium is a complete and utter lie.

Signal-boosting is welcome - and I can be reached in comments, here; via PM; or at my kinetikatrue AT gmail email addy. Here's hoping this year's hunt goes as well as the past two years' have.
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Work has decided to enact a new performance review process and software. I have been doing my part, like a good manager, and was told Thursday that they had given us some misinformation in the first training session, and all the work I had done needed to be undone and redone correctly, so that we can all move on to doing the next part. That was actually the highlight of the week. It has been busy, and I have been asked to assume more roles outside of my part of my organization at the same time that I have been told, by my dean, that I need to be around my part of the organization more. I really don't know how I'm going to do that. I do know that I am not going to think about it until after vacation. My family and [personal profile] oriolegirl are going to DC and then to Baltimore to look at the sights and also go to three baseball games. Well, I'm really only going to the zoo and baseball, and I'll tag along on the other parts because I'm mommy. But baseball! In parks which are NOT Fenway (which is a horrible park to watch baseball in, however historic it might be, and unbelievably expensive). Yay!

Kool Aid is a dyestuff and not a drink, okay? )

What I don't understand is why anyone would ever drink these--much less give them to their kids to drink. If heat is all that is needed (and for fucks sake, you can use sunlight if you don't mind it taking longer) what is this doing to peoples' insides. Yes, I know that the stomach and intestinal lining are shed all the time, but still, do you really want your insides looking like this, even temporarily?

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We climbed Stromboli, a live volcano, yesterday; hours and hours steeply up, and hours and hours steeply down, didn't get to sleep until 1:00 am and up at 5:45 to catch a boat and travel until early afternoon. I've barely eaten all day (coffee and apricot-filled croissant at 6:30, mostly-bread sandwich at 11:00, fried rice-and-spinach-and-cheese ball around 4:30 that I desperately needed... Update coming sometime, but I'm so exhausted I can't think to put it together.
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I had to sue my first post-college boss for my last paycheck; he went bankrupt and screwed over the entire staff. I got the judgment in my favor but never received the money because he'd put everything, including his paychecks, in his wife's name. But this is more insidious even than that, and it goes on today.
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The usual personal caveats: I smoke, and I have difficulty, as a rank neophyte, with differentiating scents, especially in the floral categories. But I'm learning! XD My process with BPAL is to test and sniff before reading the catalog descriptions so I'm not persuaded by words over smells.

In the categories of Flowers!, Not For Me, and Get It Off me:

All Night Long: As if the name didn't spell it out for you. This blend relieves all sexual inhibitions by simultaneously relaxing and arousing.
Wet - Cinnamon and nutmeg. This smells just like a fresh-from-the-oven spice cake.
Dry - Really quick fade. Cinnamon shifts to something clove-like. Pleasant enough, and this would make a fabulous winter scent for somebody, but I'm not the audience. (Nice, Not For Me)

Oberon: Orchid, white musk, and bergamot wafting over juniper berries, with a gentle touch of soft, earthy patchouli.
Wet - Something floral, a little musky. I know this smell. It's-it's. OH MY GOD IT'S IRISH SPRING. This is exactly Irish Spring soap on me. I'm surprised the oil doesn't have little stripes in it.
Dry - Now someone's scattered talcum powder all over the spring! This is a nooooooooooooo. (Flowers!)

Delight: In ancient India it was believed that a specific combination of flower petals, when strewn across a couple's bed, would amplify desire and sexual pleasure. This blend is a blend of the same floral essences, refined into a gloriously sinful perfume blend. Frangipani, with rose, tuberose, and jasmine.
Wet - Dayum, roses. Rose, rose rose. Spicy roses.
Dry - Powdered roses. No, this is definitely not a workable scent, not on this skin. (Flowers!)

The Apothecary: Tea leaf with three mosses, green grass, a medley of herbal notes, and a drop of ginger and fig.
Wet - SHARP. Something acidic in this. Not a good start.
Dry - Dusty, herbal, a little soapy. Like those decorative dried things in vases. Not for me at all. Washed off. (Get It Off Me)

Yule 2006 (LE): It is Yule, and the Holly King has slain the Oak: blood red holly berry, mistletoe, wild thyme, verbena, cinquefoil, hemp, winter rose, evergreen, frankincense, juniper, and myrrh. (The imp I have does not have the BPAL paper tag on it, only a stickum label, so I'm guessing it was from a decant. Which means I'm also guessing this is the right Yule 2006 catalog description.
Wet - Sharp and pointy. Makes me think of holly and mistletoe, but is that based off the name, because I don't actually know what mistletoe smells like? (Later, after reading the description: Huh. So that was mistletoe. Interesting.) There's something evergreen here, but it's not pine ... spruce? Maybe fir? Not entirely pleasant.
Dry - Evergreen coming out stronger. It's not Eau de Pinesol, but it's still ... it's grating on me. I think it's the frankincense. I just don't care for that. (Not For Me)

Somnus: Named after the Roman God of Sleep. This blend helps bring on deep, restful, natural sleep.
Wet - Oh, sharp. Lavender? Definitely roses, lots of roses.
Dry - Shite, it's powdered roses again. The wet rose stage was okay, but the dry is just POWDER. There's something in this that is similar to Delight, and I do not like it in the slightest. (Flowers!)

Baobhan Sith: Grapefruit, white tea, apple blossom and ginger.
Wet - Faint citrus, but I'm getting something ... peppery. It's not entirely unpleasant, but I'm not sure I like it.
Dry - Fades to something light and soft, like white musk. The citrus is a little stronger, but I still have to be right up on it to catch that. I think this is too soft and light for me, though I like it. (Not For Me)

Phobos: (Two Imps) Twin to Deimos and child of War, Phobos is the embodiment of terror and mortal fear. Chilling white musk, lemon verbena, white grapefruit and lemongrass.
Wet - Very strong lemon. Scent as well as mental color-impression. Lemon, lemon, lemon. Something sharp underneath, plus something greenish. It's the scent of Wet-Naps.
Dry - This is still far too much lemon, though it has softened quite a bit and the musk is emerging. This would be fantastic for people who like LEMON, but no. (Get It Off Me)

Thanatopsis: (Two Imps) A meditation upon death. Inspired by William Cullen Bryant's poem. A deep, solemn earthen scent containing pine, juniper and musk.
Dry - Did not even make it to the dry stage. Couldn't stand it that far. (Get It Off Me)

And in the category of Oooh More Of This:

Dormouse: A dizzying eddy of four teas brushed with light herbs and a breath of peony.
Wet - YUMMY. This is a bubble bath in a clawfoot tub, water just this edge of too hot. There's a white-clothed table nearby, with a silver tray full of sliced fruits - apples, grapes, lemons - and the tub is in the middle of a field of pink and white flowers. Absolutely gorgeous, a smell for a spring blue sky. I love this.
Dry - Soft and feathery. It's a white lace curtains billowing in a breeze, dandelion fluff floating past the window. Fantastic blend of scents. Top notch.

Dragon's Heart: A scent pulsing with vitality, warmth and insurmountable strength: dragon's blood resin, red and black musks, a throb of fig and a sliver of black currant.
Wet - Deep musk. It's the color of old blood in my head. Floral, but a really attractive floral, not too heavy. Something metallic, like a mouthful of pennies.
Dry - I like this. Maybe it's the resin? Black currant? Don't know what it is, but this is a very warm and comfortable scent, excellent for a day like today where the weather's unseasonably chilly.

Aizen-Myoo: Aizen-Myoo is the patron of prostitutes, of joyous, unbridled sexuality and of all forms of erotic love and is worshipped by all those in the sex industry, musicians, and - oddly - landlords. Yuzu, kaki, and mikan with cherry blossom and black tea.
Wet - Citrus and citrus, but not lemon-lime. It's more mandarin, orange ... clementines. That's what I'm thinking of. This smells just like the skin of a clementine before it's peeled.
Dry - I swear, my body chemistry must react exactly opposite to the way Beth@BPAL intends, or something. This is not a sexy scent to me. It's calm, happy, relaxed. The scent of what must be the tea has emerged, and tipped this over into not as entertaining (I would have liked the citrus to stay through all the way), but it's a lovely scent.

Jolly Roger: Sea spray with an undercurrent of leather, Bay Rum, and salty, dry woods.
Wet - Ocean breezes, absolutely. I was inclined to like this for the name alone, but the scent makes it even better. There's a hint of salt just under the clean/wind smell.
Dry - Picking up the leather, oh yes, very nice indeed. I don't think I'm getting the rum, but this is lovely. Delicious indeed.

Glasgow: The rich scent of wild blackberry breezing over gentle rosy heather.
Wet - Lilac? Something very light floral. Something vaguely fruity underneath. It's heather purple, early morning purple. (Ahahahah, so it IS.)
Dry - The berry comes forward a lot more. Like a LOT. Unlike the previous "Celestial Seasonings" experiment failure of Bewitched, this is lightened enough by the heather that it's good. The heather has darkened up, now it's late evening purple.

Tempest (Disc. 2010): A crisp ozone-tinged breeze. The scent of the first gentle rain before the storm.
Wet - Smells like white musk, plus possibly patchouli/sandalwood? Something dry and woodsy. There's a floral hint that miiiiiight be carnation. At least it's reading carnation to me. Something citrus underneath the rest. Very oceanic.
Dry - Ozone coming through strong. This isn't a "rain" scent to me, because midwestern river valley rain must be well different, but it is a very pleasant scent. I like this.

Love Me (vial): A commanding, dominant oil that increases sexual magnetism, creates an intense and irresistible air of attraction, and amplifies potency.
Wet - CINNAMON. It's like red-hots and Big Red gum mixed together. Clove, too. Musky and sweet mixed together. Not sure about this.
Dry - This is strong. It's smellable in other rooms. Clove is heavier now, cinnamon fading a bit. This is going to be a fantastic fall scent, for days when people are burning leaves and decorating with gourds.

Sin: Thoroughly corrupted: amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon.
Wet - Cinnamon, sandalwood. Patchouli, but not overwhelming. Something musky.
Dry - Nice. The patchouli from the wet stage has disappeared entirely and now it's sandalwood and what I'm guessing is the amber. It's delightful.

Rage: Black amber erupting with a dark volcanic surge of fiery dragon's blood and a burst of melati, rose geranium, mandarin and black currant.
Wet - OH NO ROSE. Citrus/fruity/orangy underneath that. Something musk-related in there, and I'm hoping that and the citrus will overtake the rose, because I really like this if the rose fades enough.
Dry - Very soft, very pale. The rose has faded, thank god, and the dragon's blood and currant are stronger. Mandarin faded a lot, but still nice and sweet. Keeper.

De Sade (Disc. 2009): The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather.
Wet - White musk? Very soft and light.
Dry - (After reading description.) Leather? REALLY?? Who are you kidding. Okay, this is a beautiful scent, very comfortable and happy, but ... leather and pain? Pardon me while I fall over snickering. After all the raves and vociferous worship I've read about this scent and its sexuality (vials selling for a couple hundred dollars?!), I expected this to turn me into Rita Hayworth. Well, no. There's no sexy value to this at all. It's very lovely, don't get me wrong, but c'mon. I'm getting hayloft and sunshine, nothing to do with pain unless you count how it itches to get hay in your jeans.

Testing notes:
I really don't get it, must be a skin chemistry thing. Almost everything the lab calls a sexy, sensual scent is something that I find comfortable and sweet, not sensual in the least. A lot of the nature-oriented, earthy scents are not workable for me at all, too rotten.

I am finding that I gravitate to plum, carnation, musk, white patchouli, amber, black currant/berry/cherry, sandalwood, spice.
Notes I really don't seem to like are rose, pine, ginger, most lemon.
Further experimentation needed, of course. XD But I'm getting closer to knowing what I might like just by reading notes.

If you're interested in a scent I've tested, my BPAL wantlist and do-not-wantlist is located here:
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I am currently ensconced in a hotel room on the morning of my last full day at Alan Moon's Gathering of Friends, a smallish (400 people total, spread over a week and a half) boardgaming convention in Niagara Falls.

Let me first say that I am a big fan of having conventions right on the Canada border. Means I get cell service and data without having to prepay an arm and a leg.

[personal profile] uilos and I went out to see the falls, which are as impressive as advertised, and met up with [personal profile] culfinriel for lunch, which was neat. Other than that it's been all Gathering all the time.

The Gathering... I feel more consistently like myself here than I have in ages, since Farthing Party I think. I've played an awful lot of games with an awful lot of people, and nearly all of them have been good experiences. Even teaching games have for the most part gone smoothly.

I think I've played more games, and more good games, in the last week than in the previous six months combined (excluding Netrunner). I've missed this, and I don't know how to get it at home. Slowly, I guess. Building up a group one gamer at a time.

The last two mornings I've gotten up early to play an 18xx game. These are long (short ones are three hours) games of railroad building and stock market shenanigans. I came in unsure whether I actually like the games or just respect them. After these two I am pretty sure I like them, at least when they're focused on the building-good-railroads aspects. Now to find players at home. *sigh*

Tomorrow back home, to fighting with work and other fun things.