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"Asking which movie your audience likes, that's great. Asking 'is safety good?' Less great." -- Parker Molloy, in a string of tweets 2015-08-31 ( specific tweet)

Team Fortress #5 was posted - and it was every bit as hilarious, weird, silly, clever, and genuinely absorbing as I could have hoped for. Great writing and art, and entirely worth the wait.

(Miss Pauling! And Medic, oh my yes. Sniper's parents! Demo and his liver! Beatrice! Beatrice.)

The whole series to date can be found online for free:

The Catch-Up Comic (a summary of the game's backstory for anyone jumping into the comics fresh)
Team Fortress #1: Ring of Fired
Team Fortress #2: Unhappy Returns
Team Fortress #3: A Cold Day in Hell
Team Fortress #4: Blood in the Water
Team Fortress #5: Old Wounds
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"Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts." -- Jim Morrison [thanks to [info] blueeowyn]

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August 24 - 30

New (to me) TV:

Law and Order SVU 6-21 - 7x08
Law and Order SVU 16x01 - 16x05
The Shield 3x08 - 4x07
The Whispers 1x12

I'm mostly watching TV for background noise lately...that's why so much L&O SVU.
I'm probably going to stop watching The Shield at least for a while.
It's not staying on Hulu much longer and I have been liking it less with season 4.

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I've had a headache most of the day, and was feeling a little shaky earlier.

Julie has full-on ManFlu, and is face-down in the bed.

And fifteen minutes ago the End-Of-Festival Fireworks started. Which we had planned on seeing from Holyrood Park.

I hate missing things. Always have. That sinking feeling that life is happening somewhere else, and fun is being had without me.

It's not the end of the world. There will be more fun.

I'm just a bit sad.
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Mostly, I write here about how things are going badly. So, today, I'm going to write about how things went better. They're still not great - I have a Fibromyalgia flare happening, which means sharper pain than normal, and my stomach going wonky in all sorts of TMI ways - but they're better.

- I had Subway today! This brought about the stomach upset, but it was worth it, because OMNOMNOM Subway.
- I got my Lit journal done! It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, but it did take a couple of hours of intense reading and writing. Now, to see if I did it right, but I won't know until grades are posted.
- I got laundry done. This means that it isn't festering somewhere.

Also, today I met a guy. Now, normally, this isn't cause for celebration, but today? It is. Several things about him:

- He has a job.
- He's going to school full time.
- He bought me soda today.

He's in my Shakespeare class. We met out front waiting for the front door to the school to open. He was just as worried about getting it done as I was. It was nice to have someone to work with. He rode with me to Subway, but then had to go get ready for work (at McD's, but a job's a job, ya know?). He was really nice. It was nice to have that attention for a little while. I doubt it'll go much beyond Shakespeare, but whatever. I'll take what I can get.

So, things are getting better. My brain is not trying to eat me, which considering I haven't slept for over 24 hours, is something else altogether.

Oh yeah, last night, I didn't sleep. I kept trying, but every little thing woke me back up. I finally gave up at 430 and just stayed up all night. I dozed a bit here and there, but that's about it. I'm going to take extra night night drugs tonight, see if that helps. I have math tomorrow afternoon and that means needing to actually, ya know, sleep. I can't afford to mess up this math class. I really can't. So sleep tonight.

So, that's a better update than yesterday now isn't it?
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Graveyard rotation is over, but everything's still a bit surreal. I spent most of this most recent graveyard half awake, not doing much besides working and watching tv. Today's my first day back during the day when there's an office full of people, and I have my midyear review to go over with my boss. Not looking forward to superloud chaos (relative to recent times) and the total uncertainty of my boss's opinion of my value & company contributions and how those may differ from my own opinions. Trying not to think about it, mostly -- I have projects I'm working on, that are good and beneficial, and the day-to-day is good too, so fuck it.
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Wes Craven passed away yesterday, at the age of 76, following a battle with brain cancer. May he rest in peace. Even if I haven’t seen nearly enough of his films, I did enjoy Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994), (which, coincidentally, Syfy aired once more this last Saturday) along with The Serpent And The Rainbow (1988). Deadly Friend was weird, but worth watching once I tracked it down. I loved the opening (Drew Barrymore’s scene) of Scream.

In honor of him, I’ll finally get around to watching one of these: The Hills Have Eyes (1977), Deadly Blessing (1981), or Red Eye (2005).
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A Vegetable Love That Would Certainly Not Suit Me
Oedipus with vegetables: a short (8'33 minutes) movie. Amazing production values. Worth watching the credits to the end. (Content notes: knives, trypophobia, dubious relationship to mythology.)


How To Write A Musical: an interview with Lisa Kron, the lyricist of Fun Home the musical. I just want to hug this quote to myself: "When you’re making a work of art, it feels like it will kill you. It won’t kill you. But you feel like it will."

The Loud Hands Project video. (tw: child abuse, ableism. But that's what what it's about. It's about pride.)

Clippy the Microsoft Office Assistant is the Patriarchy's Fault

In Iraq I Raided Insurgents. In Virginia, the Police Raided Me. (Obviously this is a white guy. You can tell this because he survived to tell the story. Meanwhile here in Australia we have just as much of a black deaths in custody problem as the US, and recently police have been using very strong pepper spray on anti-racist protesters while high-fiving white supremacists at a rally... and then last Friday the Australian Border Force announced they were going to go around Melbourne randomly checking people's visa status. What I'm saying is, current police stuff and its racist and nationalist elements scares me a lot.)

An interview with Miss Major on the Stonewall movie

Words To Live By
Page 64 of Shades After, because I can't stop thinking about what Anwar tells JD here, after they come out to him as genderqueer.

AO3 tag generator. If you're on Tumblr you've probably already seen this, but not everyone's on Tumblr. It randomly generates things people tagged their stories with on Archive Of Our Own.

Corduroy, age 26, is the oldest living cat in the world.
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] jennlk
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Fandom/Geeky Things

"BBC Two announces The City And The City, an 4x60 adaptation of China Miéville's novel".

Via [personal profile] cofax7, "The Philosophy of Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru, No-Win Scenarios, And Ethical Leadership".

([personal profile] cofax7 also says "The 100 is one big Kobayashi Maru test, for everyone. It's not possible to win, just lose more or less badly.")

[twitter.com profile] FaPanini has been doing "#the100 at @Hogwarts" fanart, like this and this.

ETA: [dreamwidth.org profile] tassosss linked to all of the "#the100 at @Hogwarts" pics in a comment below [on the DW post] and also in the weekly roundup post at [dreamwidth.org profile] the100. ^_^


[livejournal.com profile] mrissa posted about critiquing writing recently. This is the chunk that especially pleases me: "And…this is a thing I honestly love about writing. I really, really love this. If you catch me in the wrong mood, I will wax sentimental and get a little choked up. Because in writing, in speculative fiction in particular, we take it for granted–it is a totally normal thing to do–that we will get to look at other people’s awesome things and help make them a little more awesome. Think about that for a moment. There are some other jobs for which it works that way, sure–for which a project is primarily someone else’s and it is assumed that you will get to take your time and help make it better. But mostly not. Mostly you are either working together on something or you’re not helping. I like helping. I like cooperation."

Going back a couple of weeks, Zen Cho posted "My publishing journey: Revising the novel (again and again and again)".

"Kelly Sue DeConnick: How To Make People Uncomfortable (And Still Make a Living)". There are few weird typos in the transcript--one of which I wasn't quite able to reverse engineer to what she actually said--but a good read and, I'm sure, good viewing if you watch the video instead.

Social Justice

"10 Things I’ve Learned About Gaslighting As An Abuse Tactic". [Everyday Feminism]

[dreamwidth.org profile] commodorified has a longish post on writing rape in fiction. "This essay was originally inspired by this post, but a) I sat on it for awhile and b) this isn't, except in one important detail — the quite possibly unconscious assumption saturating that advice that nobody who writes fiction and/or fic has ever been raped, or gone in fear of it, and all that implies about said advice — a particularly terrible example. There's some very good stuff there, if applied cautiously. So I want to acknowledge Swan Tower, as well.

This is my assumption: we all live in rape culture, and we are all injured by it. Victims of sexual assaults - all ages and genders - are injured by it. Those who have at one time or another been threatened with sexual assault and evaded it are injured by it. Women, queer men, transfolk, and others at high risk of sexual assault, who must learn how to negotiate the world under threat, are injured by it."


Via [dreamwidth.org profile] kaberett, [dreamwidth.org profile] happydork's post "Introversion, social anxiety, social skills, change" is excellent.

[dreamwidth.org profile] happydork's more recent post on microaggressions--what microaggressions and some of their characteristics are--is also well worth reading. "Microaggressions are those little shitty things that people say/do that can seem innocuous (or, at least, not worth making a fuss about) on their own, but build up into a longterm pattern of reinforcing privilege/oppression dynamics and making the recipient feel like shit. You can see examples at microaggressions.com."

Via a few people, GQ did a great profile of Stephen Colbert as he moves away from The Colbert Report and takes over The Daily Show.

Not entire SFW: "This Montreal Artist is Putting Dildos in Stephen Harper’s Hands and It’s Spectacular". "Over the years, Stephen Harper's done everything imaginable to present himself as warm-blooded human, employing stylists and make-up artists, limiting photography by the media, and releasing an unstoppable flurry of propaganda-like photos. As it turns out, most of these efforts are effectively pointless once a dildo is gently inserted into the frame, which is exactly what an artist from Montreal has been doing for the past year"

The Seattle Aquarium has a giant Pacific octopus cam!

I forget who linked this, but Wikihow has "3 Ways to Communicate with Your Cat".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay, "Fuzzy Nautilus Rediscovered and Filmed After 30 Years"!

Via Facebook:

--"10+ Totoro Cakes That Are Too Cute To Eat".

--"Maybe You Get Bad Customer Service Because You're a Bad Customer". [August 2013]
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CB came over to meet me at Mr. Client's again today. Among other things, we discovered how much the cleaning service hadn't done (and I'm calling tomorrow to find out how much he paid for that). And yet, I'm reminded of the analogy I actually provided to Mr. Client. To wit, when one has a rampantly overgrown yard, it takes several passes with the lawn mower (and possibly work beyond that) to actually get it back to "normal". So she was like the second pass with the mower... effective but still nowhere near where one can say the lawn has been properly mowed. And I found myself wondering what his previous service had done because there were places that clearly had never been touched (possibly since the previous tenant), and that was -- to put it bluntly -- kind of gross.

So yeah, the apartment looks gorgeous. I wish I'd taken before pictures to compare with after but I am sure he has a vivid picture in his mind. Certainly I do. I did take one fast picture of the living room and texted it to him (from my new Phone of Smart); he replied "Wow." I looked at it tonight just before we left and I realized just how remarkably different it looks. It is, in fact, very close to how it looked when I moved him in... except of course now the then-empty bookshelves are filled to overflowing, etc.

And he's going to hire CB (renamed from D because every time I read D I think of [personal profile] synecdochic) to come in every other week to clean, which is a fabulous thing. I may be hiring her myself though I'm still not sure how I feel about hiring a friend to clean my condo (nor how I feel about getting rid of Mr. Cleaning Guy, who has put up with my messiness for a bunch of years now... though I find myself increasingly wondering what he's doing given what my bathtub looks like but, at the same time, I haven't raised it with him... and I worry what losing me as a client will do to his budget). Business relationship versus friendship after all... though no qualms hiring her on behalf of my client. Eventually, he'll want her cleaning every week, presumably after he moves in to a bigger space. I started doing very preliminary research in to where to move him to; I have found three bedrooms for what he's presently paying for one in the city and -- thankfully -- he's amenable to the city I suggested he consider moving to... it will be an intermediate step. Eventually he'll want a place that's his own (and I'm trying to get him to think condo instead of house for that).

So yes... success with this phase of the project (I'll be stopping in at some point next week to dust the bowls we didn't get to; we were WAY too much toast to think about it tonight especially as we had to eat and get back to my house for naps as CB has to be on a bus around 3:30 AM; I should be napping right now, in fact! or at least horizontal with my eyes closed) or, at least, I'm pleased with it. Here's hoping Mr. Client is.

Bed time...