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"It is a sin to waste the reader's time."

-- Larry Niven
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Linkspam continues to be all my brain feels up for. Oh, brain. (To the few new people I've added fairly recently: I swear sometimes I post other things.)

"We just saw Nintendo's NES Classic in person and it is glorious".

"Speculative Fiction in Translation: 15 Works to Watch Out For in 2016". [Tor.com]

"Two white women launch ‘White Nonsense Roundup’ to unburden people of color (VIDEO)".

"Changing the Way We Talk About Autism in Martial Arts". [Sarah Kurchak on Fightland]

"Ask Polly: How Do I Dump My Crappy Best Friend?"

"Ask Polly: How Do I Live in a World Gone Mad?" "But we don’t have much time on this planet, and we have to make the most with the time we have. There will always be trouble in the world. As long as you’re vocal and you’re unafraid to speak out against injustice, that’s a start. You can only be wide awake if you’re also getting enough sleep at night. Remembering that good things are still happening out there, supporting and loving the people around you, living in the moment: These things are even more important when the world looks extra bleak."

"Librarians Respond On Twitter To The Idea That They Shouldn't Have Opinions" "The Black Lives Matter movement has brought racial policing and police brutality to the forefront of the national conversation. And, like anything that touches on race in America, it has also ignited fervent debate about the message behind the saying 'black lives matter.' In a series of tweets, Storytime Underground, a collective of youth librarians, laid out a powerful argument for supporting the movement. While recounting the role of libraries in political issues over the decades, they explained why they should not remain neutral about this issue. The resulting tweetstorm was incredibly badass."

"A Guide to More Pizza Styles of America: What we missed". [Lucky Peach]

"'I Thought I Was Stupid': The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD".

"Millions of Women Are Injured During Childbirth. Why Aren't Doctors Diagnosing Them?"

"My Mother Taught Me That Sometimes The Only Way Forward Is Walking Away". [The Establishment]

"Interview with Former Takararisienne Ako Dachs". [Okazu]

"Let’s Talk About Disability, Periods, and Alternative Menstrual Products".

"This guy used over 80,000 old photographs to create a Google Street View map of New York City in the 1800s".

"Go Inside New York’s Nearly Secret Botanical Library".

"Can You Tell the Difference Between Accommodation and Accessibility?"

"What Happened to the Ice Bucket Challenge? Derided at the time as “slacktivism,” the social-media campaign has had surprisingly long-lasting benefits".

A signal-boost post about a tiny, portable AC unit.

"Rippled Portals of Color Created with Spray Paint by HOXXOH".

"From Iran to India: The journey and evolution of biriyani". [BBC]

I quite liked this recent xkcd on the evolution of inflected languages/English.
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No actual data, but less fidgety )

How can I have so much still to do in only five days? Aiee.

I have three avocados at peak ripeness on the kitchen island and we bought some dark porter beer last week, so I'm making nachos for dinner. Mmmmmm, nachos.
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Kheldar had a very, very busy day yesterday. He helped [personal profile] battlehamster check all the camping gear and then pack for the Arkfall LRP that he's gone to this weekend. He made sure that the front garden was all clear and that there was a safe path to the front door for everyone turning up for Thursday night D&D. He beat my rucksack straps into submission again.

And then he fell over and rebooted:


This evening he has once again been very busy making sure that I'm okay and looking after myself properly while [personal profile] battlehamster is away. And he may or may not have been chasing Pokémon. He's certainly very interested in the spot just outside our gate where Pokémon appear on a regular basis.
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Y'all know I'm pretty much addicted to crime tv of the nonfictional variety and my favorite section of any newspaper is where it reports crime news. Why? I have no idea, but it has been true for long as I've been reading newspapers.

Anyway, I've been thinking about the two most recent cops-behaving-badly news stories, the one where an officer shot an autistic man’s black carer, and now the one about the teacher being body slammed by the police. There was no justification for shooting that guy in the leg. Leaving him bleeding for twenty minutes afterwards was so wrong I don't have words. I don't know if the conversation where the officer said he didn't know why he'd shot the guy was recorded, but I hope it was. I'm far less troubled by the guy getting shot (and deeply thankful it wasn't a fatal shooting) than I am by him having to wait for twenty minutes for medical help. The shooting could be an accident ("I was nervous and pulled the trigger without actually meaning to") but I can't say the same about it taking twenty minutes to get medical attention.

The situation with the school teacher gave me even more to think about. First -- let me be perfectly clear -- I don't think what happened to her was at all right. At the same time I compare what happened to her to what I've seen hundreds of times on Cops/Caught on Camera/etc. and it doesn't seem much different. On those shows I've heard people asking "Are you serious," the police wanting instantaneous obedience to their directives and reacting with force when the person doesn't respond the way or as quickly as the officer wants, and the police ignoring the detainee's questions. I've also seen people repeatedly lying to the police, not to mention actually shouting "I'm not resisting!" while quite obviously doing just that. I don't have a clue how anyone can tell the difference between a scared and confused person being slow to respond due to their fright & confusion and a person with evil intent being slow to respond because they are frantically thinking of a way to turn the situation to their own advantage.

I remember a situation that happened here in Detroit many years ago when the police busted an illegal rave. One of the participants was crippled and in a wheelchair. The office ordered him to put his hands on top of his head; the guy responded that his arms didn't work that way. The officer then took hold of his hands, said something along the lines of "Well they do now," and forced them into the position he wanted, tearing up the poor guys muscles and ligaments in the process. I don't know if there's a way to tell (from sensation) the difference between someone who is actively resisting (pulling back) and a medical condition. (I have no idea what the outcome of the Detroit situation; I just remember the guy was hurt and his friends were outraged on his behalf.)

I have no solutions to any of this. Only questions and sorrow.
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Dear Speechwriters for the Trump Campaign:

Please buy a new dictionary. Yours appears to have been damaged somehow. The definition for plagiarism has apparently been ripped out. Either that or you all secretly admire the Democrats. After all, how do you explain The Donald's riff on Hillary's "I'm with her!"? "You're with me!", he said.... um.... don't you have anything original to come up with?

And you know the abbreviation ant. that goes with some words related to the word being defined but isn't the word you looked up? It means that they are the opposite of the word in question. So, for example, brash and obnoxious and boastful are all the opposite of "humble"... and if Donald Trump "humbly" accepted the nomination last night... well, y'all, I'm just not sure you understand what that word means... particularly as I very much doubt that man has ever been humble a day in his adult life.

Oh... I'm sorry... my politics are showing...

(No, I don't think that Hillary is perfect; she is not the ideal candidate, to be sure... but she will not turn the United States into a laughingstock on the world stage... and I shudder to think of Trump trying to talk to Theresa May or Li Keqiang or Xi Jingping or Malcolm Turnbull or Francois Orlande or Pranab Mukherjee or Jacob Zuma or Benjamin Netanyahu or Enrique Peña Nieto or, heaven forfend, Angela Merkel. We thought George W. giving Angela Merkel a backrub was bad? This would be immeasurably worse, imnsho)

(Yes, an intentionally wide range of political viewpoints and countries there... he'd be a disaster with all of them because it's always only about him, in the long run...)
Before Jinksy's vet appointment last night, I took and tweeted two photos of him, if anyone needs that sort of thing. (In so doing, I tested my new phone/new app installs, and it looks like I no longer have the problem of needing to only tweet landscape-oriented pics [the old phone/apps--I don't know which! I'm using the same apps now--would post portrait-oriented pics sideways].)

There may be a lot of linkspam over the next few days. Sorry? ^^;

Fannish/Geeky Things

"The Vampire Diaries taps Warehouse 13 alum Allison Scagliotti for recurring role". (On Twitter, Scags said she/the rest of the Stitchers cast don't know any more about whether they're being renewed than fans do.) Her TVD character is named Georgie. So close, universe! (I wandered off from TVD a couple of seasons ago. Guess I'm gonna be reading some recaps and seeing if I can go back.)

"One Piece Manga Creator Eiichiro Oda: Story Is About 65% Finished". [ANN]

"Let’s Make This Awesome Women of NASA LEGO Set Happen". [The Mary Sue]

Social Justice

"Social Justice Is a Christian Tradition — Not a Liberal Agenda".

"Our Final Answer on ‘Too Many Women’". [Stuff You Missed in History Class]

"The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons". [Huffington Post]

"She Doesn’t Owe You Shit".

"You’re Not “Awkward” With Women. You’re Just Creepy".

"Smashing barriers to access: Disability activism and curb cuts".

"Why Defending Your Cultural Appropriation is Dangerous".

"You don’t have to figure out the universal truth of nutrition". [The Fat Nutritionist]

Cute Stuff

Baby elephant calf vs. Birds [YouTube, ~1 min.]

"Squirrel grooms incredibly patient cat". [~2 minutes]

"A black cat invading a rugby league field is a majestic sight".

"20 Photos That Sum Up What It’s Like To Own A Golden Retriever".

"This Fluffy Cat May Have the World's Longest Tail".

"Photographer Captures The Fun Side Of Ground Squirrels".
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"How can people be shocked by what is normal to them?
 The stories they were raised with laid the groundwork for making it invisible."
-- Alerik Hoeh, 2016-07-21

Via [personal profile] highlander_ii: http://www.katewillaert.com/ljstats/ will work if you substitute "dreamwidth.org" for "livejournal.com", as DW keeps its stats in the same place. This tool grabs about 5000 comments at once, so if you have more than 5000 comments in your journal, you can do some quick math to see where you want to put your startid if you'd like to see the most recent rather than the people from the beginning of time.

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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I wish you were here. The world's not been the same since you've been gone. I'm not the same. I'm less risk-taking, more all-out when I do take risks, less sorry, more successful when I bother and less likely to than ever before and not at all sure why I'm here nor why I was left behind. I can't make it without you and don't want to and yet. Something's making me. The fact that I wake up each day. I gave no permission, would rescind it if I could. I've been trying to for four years but they won't take it back, whoever gives won't take away. I wouldn't want you here: the world's horrible, a mean and selfish, violent and ugly, inward and self-centered place grown rotten to its core. I'd want you here, though, to discuss it with at least one of you and to rake you over the coals with the other, because you know better. But I miss both of you, not equally, but just as much in different ways, and for entirely different reasons. And I miss who I was around you and don't even know who I am without you to fall back on. Or was that against. I miss what the world once was and what it could've been. I hate where it's going.

I don't know why I'm writing this.

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I don't know how my tabs have so suddenly (it seems) blossomed way back out of control. An alarming number are various people's posts, which will probably translate into belated comments, if I manage commenting. >.< Apparently this is what happens when basically every evening of a week is full.

I know I've mentioned the Sparkler Monthly Year 4 Kickstarter before, but they've still got quite a ways to go and only twelve days left. They publish such a variety of work (in terms of both media forms and content), all of it female-gaze oriented, and the editorial team have a TON of talent and experience. Please do check them out if you feel even a bit interested--they have swaths of stuff available to non-subscribers on the website, so you can take a thorough look around to see if it clicks for you.

Other linkspam:

"The Love That Lives Here: On Queer Girls, Transboys, and Sex on the Page". [Author Anna-Marie McLemore at Gay YA] "That question—whether to depict sex between a queer girl character and a trans guy character—became a battleground for my own identity. I wrote those scenes. I took them out. I toned them down and put them back in. I tried to make them tamer. But in a moment of deleting them again, I asked myself: Why was I embarrassed about two characters falling in love the same way the Transboy and I had? Why was I ashamed of seeing this on the page, when it was what had passed between us when we were teens?"

"Life-Hacks of the Poor and Aimless: On negotiating the false idols of neoliberal self-care". [Laurie Penny] "The wellbeing ideology is a symptom of a broader political disease. The rigors of both work and worklessness, the colonization of every public space by private money, the precarity of daily living, and the growing impossibility of building any sort of community maroon each of us in our lonely struggle to survive. We are supposed to believe that we can only work to improve our lives on that same individual level."

"This Digital Loom is More Than Just a Desktop Fabric Printer—It's the Future of DIY Fashion".

"6 Things To Do If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By All the Tragedy in the News".

"Scientists say music is more like a cultural cuisine than a universal language".

"How Toronto kids celebrated birthdays in the 1980s".

"French Artist Creates Mind Blowing Trompe-L’oeil Illusions".

"Tools of war: Why cannibalism has disappeared but rape hasn’t".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] oursin, "Ursula K. Le Guin: A rant about 'technology'".

Also via [dreamwidth.org profile] oursin, "Motivation is Overvalued. Environment Often Matters More". [James Clear]

"How technology disrupted the truth".

"Survival, in verse: Edison High's poets use gut-wrenching verse as an antidote to adversity".

"Rosie’s Phenomenal Precision Insult Machine!"

"Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View".

"The Mixed Martial Arts of Victorian London".

"'Hamilton' Stars Share 5 Character Tips for Future Casts".

"The Law Professor Who Answered Back: When students complained about a Black Lives Matter shirt, she responded in a letter now going viral, but without any identification. We'll tell you who she is".
Graph of Citizen Voting Turnout by Age Bracket

First, consider the chart on the left.  It lists the percentage of people in each age bracket who voted in each election since 1986.  Unsurprisingly, a higher percentage in each age bracket vote during Presidential election years than in off years.  Also unsurprisingly, young people are the bottom group.  In years with a Presidential election, we usually get about the same number of 18-29 year olds voting as the next age bracket up (30-44 year olds) in off years.  The older the age group, the higher the percentage of the people who vote.  This is true across the boards.

Now.  Every politician and political strategist in the country has seen this chart or one like it, I guarantee.  Put yourself in their shoes.  They need to win an election.  Who should they court? ).

When you choose an action, you choose the consequences of that action.  When you desire a consequence you had damned well better take the action that would create it.--Lois McMaster Bujold, Memory


Third and so far final volume in the Drake Maijstral series. Drake is holidaying on Earth and most decidedly not partaking in any crime capers, because vacation. As he's strolling through the Louvre, a painting is stolen and investigation ensues.

He leaves his current host, visiting Joseph Bob, the Prince of Tejas (and his brother Will, the Bubber (the "r" is silent)), where hopefully no crimes will happen...

Drake's hopes may possibly be less than intact, as the book proceeds.

Still an excellent read.