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Re-read, I think?

It's weird. I can't actually recall if I have or haven't read this book before. Some events definitely ring bells, but others do not. And some of the ones I recognize are those I think haven't been mentioned in other works in the same fictionverse.

Nonetheless, this is a book with Aristo and Skolians. So there will be plenty of non-consent, so that's probably going to be an issue.

On the whole, less violent that quite a few other books in this fictionverse. This is a good thing.

This is to some extent one of those "classic" works. It's hitting about 20 years old, by now (well, just over 22 years, but...) and I think I first read it in the 1993 timespan. One of the intriguing things pondered in this book is the implication that we (as in "poor Earthlings") have simply failed building full, general AI because we're too deep in the galaxy and so in the Slow Zone, where it would simply not work.

There's something floating around that looks awfully like UseNet of old (including my most favourite header ever, "language path").

So, there's essentially three viewpoints. There's Johanna and Jefri, two kids stranded on an alien world. And there's Ravna, who used to be a librarian, but...

This is where Pham Nuwen (who I mentioned here) makes his first published appearance.

It is an interesting world. There's also apparently a sequel (Children of the Sky) that I haven't managed to get hold of.
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My girlfriend Omi is in need of a new home for her 16 year old (as far as we can guess; she is at least that old, perhaps older) Aussie Shepard, Sadie. She does not wish to rehome Sadie, but we are faced with very few options. At this point, she has had to make the very difficult decision that she can no longer adequately care for Sadie due to disability. We live in the Olympia, WA, area.

Sadie is a lovely dog. She is friendly, easy to get along with, she's awesome with children, no issues with cats, or other animals. She will growl if cats or other animals try to steal her food, but she has never bitten or snapped at the animals, or people.

Here is the problem. She's getting older, and at this point she has a three hour bladder, almost like clockwork. She has always been an indoor dog, and is utterly terrified of the outdoors. We have set up a dog run and despite our best efforts, she has managed to tangle herself in the line regularly. She will do this until someone comes out to untangle her, but upon someone going inside, she will immediately re-tangle herself. She is also Houdini dog and will wiggle out of her harness regularly and try to bury under fences. She must be an indoor dog..

She is also going on a hunger strike. She is scattering her food and refusing to eat. The apartment that Omi and her family have been able to find does not allow dogs, and my rental home does not allow indoor dogs. Even if we could have Sadie indoors, most of our household is disabled and on vacillating sleep schedules. It is simply not possible to arrange to walk her every three hours (or less; it has crept up to every hour at points), especially now that she is not signaling when she needs to be walked.

More minor issues are that she is arthritic, although she does not seem to be in pain. She is deaf in some ranges, but not completely. Prior to Omi and family adopting her, she was raised by a household that did not care for her. This has resulted in a few things, such as she is triggered by men in plaid shirts and baseball caps. She was never properly trained, and by the time Omi adopted her at age five, no amount of training was successful.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the household is disabled with chronic pain at this point, with the exception of those who are working and thus do not have time to walk a dog on a three hour schedule. It is simply not possible to give her the care that she needs, as much as we want to. This is not a decision that has been made lightly. She is very loved, and this is breaking my girlfriend's heart, but it is the best for Sadie.

She is very sweet, lovable, and kind. She likes to tuck people in at night, and she protects those she loves. With her age and arthritis, she is not very active, but she is very loving. She is an amazing dog who just needs people who are physically able to meet her needs. There is a video of her here, if you would like to see what she's like.

Again, we are in Olympia, WA. We are willing to drive her to Seattle or Portland (or another city of similar distance, but 2hrs is about the max based on health issues). If anyone is interested, please contact Omi at, and please CC her husband Louis at

Please re-post and boost the signal if you can. Thank you so much!
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From Damiano's Lute by R.A. MacAvoy (1984, Bantam Books, New York)

Gaspare leaped over a freshet and helped his friend after. His spare face was transfigured, and his prominent eyes stood out. "Is this magic?" he hissed back. "Real magic? The goosegirl cannot see us?"

Damiano nodded. "But that is not to say she cannot hear us talk." But even he could not resist adding, "Well, what do you think of magic -- real magic?"

The boy made an owl face. "It is silly! And in terrible taste. But if it works, it's wonderful, of course."

"Of course. All wonderful things are silly, and most are in abysmal taste."

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Dear DuckDuckGo, sometimes you worry me. Like when I type "blood pressure", and before I can add "cuff", the phrase "blood pressure cooker" pops up.
Today at work, the security club had a lockpick intro/practice session. I picked a disembodied lock with two pins! I poked at one with four and one with six. Mr. Zune said that the one with four was actually harder than the one with six. He also mentioned that it was actually sort of amazing that he'd left his alma mater without picking up lockpicking skills. Since he wears the brass rat, that is sort of amazing. In addition to the various locks, they had a tabletop stunt door with a knob, a deadbolt, and a chain. I learned that my long hair and typical braid is good for having an excuse to have hairpins on me at any given time, given their utility in shimming carelessly-locked handcuffs.

Lunch involved Purple getting asked geopolitical questions by some of his buddies, and him holding forth a bit. He's generally sensible on the topic, it seems.

As my manager warned me might happen, dev work on my database has halted. At least we have a bit, or something?

I keep discovering horrible usability problems with various bits of the new helpdesk system. Today's shenanigans went a little off-script.

Consent and the helpdesk guy. )

I hadn't gotten to sleep until nearly 5am last night. Purple gave me a few helpful suggestions by way of commiseration, which included a brief digression on milk substitutes for the lactose intolerant, and their likely effectiveness as a sleep aid.

Somehow it went from "hey, I might get out of here early!" to "oh god it's fuckin' late", but at least Purple found the bug he was looking for! At some point I must ask him whether it really does make sense to park where he does, but tonight was not that night. Purple did earn a "Best $NAME" due to some wisecrack. Also, even if the Randomizer were huggy in the absence of my manager, would I even want hugs from him? (No.)

I'm due an early-morning email presence to round people up for Second Thursday (reprise) (which is actually this Friday) and then I can finish setting up the meetings for next week's research participants. Whee!
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Three trips to the emergency 24-hour vet in one week is three trips too many. And that's not even taking into account the daily visits to the regular vet.

this entire week needs an animal-harm warning. )
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Which I am now consuming from bed.

+++ This awesome vid by (of course) lim: Marvel|MCU. Embedded for those who wish, but please, please comment at the youtube link if you're feeling commenty. )

+++ Odd One Out, Leverage OT3 by [personal profile] thingswithwings (or, [ profile] thingswithwings, actually). Yes, I am reccing this based on the summary. It's Leverage OT3 and it's T'wings and I have no doubt it is amazing and will usher me into sweet, sweet dreams as I read it in bed.

Summary: "We should talk about Eliot," Alec says, at the same time Parker says, "We should have sex in a hammock."

+++ Perfectly appropriate icon courtesy of [personal profile] clavally. It makes me grin like this: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

+++ And finally, probably of interest to me and exactly two people on my flist (maybe only one): The top 10 hottest gifs of Jared Padalecki, which is just staying open in a tab for a little while so I can stare at it.
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Holy cow!!!

FINALLY, some choreography that doesn't suck!

Emilio, jesus, where the hell did that come from? Tanisha, holy crap, so hot! Serge! Carly! Carly seriously is one of my faves, now. Zack, you're a tapper? WHAT?

Travis Wall, I freaking love you, dude. Your contemporary routine was astounding, and then you do that group routine, OMG. LOVE. Sonya's group routine, also amazing!

This post thanks to the fact that I got all my "extracurricular" work projects done so now I can just concentrate on the "normal" work. WHEW.
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I asked a question I perhaps had not given enough thought to the possible consequences of asking. And so yesterday's cryptic activity has been called on account of numerous concerns. For now, I'm told.

I first raised this possibility a year ago though it morphed into something beyond what I'd envisioned. Which was fun and genuinely exciting.

I suspect, though genuinely hope not, that I'm going to have to wait another year.

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I'm not properly doing a reading meme tonight, but I've been getting more books read this month than I have in ages, which is awesome. (I've just started my eighth or ninth novel of the month, depending on whether one factors in the new Newsflesh novella.)

Really, I probably shouldn't have started the new book until I read the next chunk of Feed so I can comment on it tomorrow at [community profile] aftertheendtimes, but we're coming up to one of the parts of the series that upsets me most*, so I think maybe I subconsciously put it off. >.> So I'll have to read and write about it tomorrow. Because it's so much better that way.

*I have a list. Some days I think it's a little weird that my favorite series shatters my heart in so many places/ways. Other days I feel like it's more that that's a key element.

Anyway, in a freak development, the current book (The Girl With All the Gifts) is a book I own, rather than a library book. I got to actually go stand in front of the physical to-read bookcase in the living room and choose something!

In highly relevant news, I've crossed the 300-book mark on my list of library holds. O_O (305, to be precise, not counting the three that are waiting to be picked up tomorrow--although all three of those are graphic novels.)

And speaking of counting things...I've now been hanging out at over 300 open tabs for long enough that it apparently feels normal (although I don't like it). I've been putting a fair bit of time into whittling away at them in the last few days, alongside my work, and have gotten down open tabs. *facepalm* Although I've also managed to do a fair bit of sorting, so my main group is down to only about two and a half rows of tabs (last week it was usually more like eight or nine rows).

On the work front, I think I have five rewrites due by September 1. And three lettered volumes to proofread within the next week. O_o (Some deadline adjustment may happen there. That'd be nice.) Combine that with the fact that I'll be in Ontario for two and a half weeks next month, and things start to feel a little tight. But I'm still hoping to get at least somewhat ahead before I fly out. That's just over a week away, and things will be fairly quiet on the home front between now and then. We'll see.
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... oh wait, he is a flying machine.

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So, I'm in Texas again. This means a few things have changed that I'd forgotten about.

Traveling. Wow - you CAN get out of practice! I had a hard time sleeping on the plane, even though it was 5:45am and I had only gotten two hours of sleep the night before. The woman I'm working with a lot had some really awesome tips, though, so I'm excited to try those out.

Hotels. Ugh, this hotel is nasty! But I need my stays to get my status, so I will live with it. Also - status depends on stays (or nights, but fewer stays than nights) so I'll be switching hotels for the two nights I'm down here. That should get me status fairly quickly - I was further along than I thought when I checked (same with my airline - if this keeps up I should at least get to the middle tier this year, which is a huge relief).

Diet. Everything here is breaded or served on bread, so the only thing for me to eat is fresh fruit and vegetables. Which is great! And I forgot how lousy I feel when I'm not eating those on a regular basis (I feel GREAT today! \o/). So going to have to get my diet at home back in gear. More veggies! Less crap!

TV. There's not much to do in a hotel room alone at night. I had work to do last night, so I put the TV on and used reruns of Arrow and Supernatural (ugh, an episode I hated) as background noise. Then I watched the SPN pilot on Netflix as a palate cleanser (each time I see it, it gets more and more stilted, like the weight of the following seasons shows how much J2 has grown into their roles and were just feeling their way around back then - also, the plot holes bug me more each time). So not so much with the palate cleansing, but it was still fun to see wee Jared and Jensen.

I'm eating lunch right this sec, but I'm working away at my same old place, in between doing the other three stressful sorts of work things. Those things will all be done by COB today, which means I'll be able to watch dancing with no interruptions or stress! And then a full day of work tomorrow before I can get back home where my nephew and sister are spending their days cooking. We're going to a chef's table for lunch on Friday, whee!

Behind on the dwircle, sorry if I've missed anything. Probably won't catch up until next week (this weekend is full of the nephew, including a 3 hour trip home (6 hours round trip) so he can cook dinner for everyone with us as sous chefs). Hope everything is good with you guys!
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Recently finished
If not exactly recently then since the last reading post over a month ago: The Towers of Trebizond by Rose Macauley, The Stories of David Leavitt, Brobyggarna by Jan Guillou (in the original Swedish), Synnintekijä by Milja Kaunisto (that definitely lived up to its title), Kangastus 38 (Hägring 38) by Kjell Westö (translated into Finnish by Liisa Ryömä) and a re-read of The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Currently on the go
Alexander the Great: King, Commander and Statesman by NGL Hammond and Sacrament by Clive Barker are all still on the go and I haven't really made much progress with them recently. I've also made a start on The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West.

Plus dipping in and out of two books for professional development purposes.

Reading next
As usual, I'm not sure.
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De and I have been in Arizona (Flagstaff area) since last Wednesday, we leave to go home on Friday, but here are links to my tumblr posts with photos. These are but a small, small selection of the many photos she and I have taken while here.

July 17th - Sedona area mostly we just drove scenic routes here and didn't really stop anywhere.

July 18th - Sunset Volcano Crater and Grand Canyon we accidentally got on the wrong road heading out of Flagstaff, but because De is so fucking brilliant even the wrong road led to some of the attractions we had planned to do, so we just did them this day. We spent like three hours in Sunset Crater park, it was gorgeous.

July 19th - we were sort of fucking exhausted after yesterday, so we had a day to just hang out at the hotel.

July 20th - Arizona Snowbowl Chairlift and Museum of Northern Arizona Guess which two fools forgot to put on enough sunblock for high altitudes? *sigh*

July 21st - Arboretum and Riordan Mansion

July 22nd - Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and Meteor Crater Long ass drive, but absolutely gorgeous and worth it. Of special note, De got a really, really awesome photo of a petrified log. Check it out at the link. :D

That's it so far, more later!
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Hello, dwircle, I aten't dead yet, though you may be forgiven for wondering if you aren't following me on Tumblr or Twitter. *wry* I've just been busy with work and settling into my new routine, which is taking a fair bit of adjustment. I have read and reread so much fanfic lately, you have no idea.

I have managed to read actual books, too, while I've been at it! Here's what I've completed since the last time I did a round-up post:

Fortune’s Pawn, Rachel Bach: Devi is a mercenary with big goals and enough drive to take some big risks to pursue them, which leads her to take a security job on a ship known for its terrible luck. If Devi can survive a year's tour on this ship, she'll be able to attain the prestigious position she really wants. However, it quickly becomes apparent that there's more to her new job than mere bad luck--there's the mysterious hottie working as the ship's cook, for one, not to mention the fact that their captain has more than a few secrets up his sleeve and is more than willing to kill to keep them that way.

I ran across a review of this one somewhere or another and was intrigued enough by the premise--milSF with a badass female protag--that I went ahead and picked this one up from the library when I found it on the shelf. And Devi is definitely a badass--one suspects she and Torrin Kerr would make great drinking buddies if they didn't shoot each other on sight--but a lot of things about this book made so much more sense when I got to the bonus material at the end of the book and found that the author's goal had been to write a romance in a milSF setting. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of action and frankly I think Devi is more in love with her armor and her guns than the hottie cook, and there's enough political intrigue/plotty stuff going on that I'm willing to cope with the instant attraction turned true love romance plot, but it was really weird reading that in conjunction with the giant space murder lizards and the loving descriptions of the guns and the armor. It's just that if you're going to do romance in space, I have been spoiled by the likes of Bujold and Huff and I expect things to be a little meatier on the emotional front. Not to mention that the hottie cook is cut from the "I am terrible and dangerous and you deserve better, let me sacrifice myself to keep you safe" cloth, which, argh. If Devi doesn't punch Rupert's teeth down his throat when she finally figures out the choice he made for her at the end of this volume, I will be deeply disappointed in her.

Honestly, I think she could do so much better and would be better off hooking up with her roommate and/or the ship's mechanic, Mabel, but then, what the hell do I know?

That said, I enjoyed the world-building in this one and want to know more about the set-up of the political system and so forth, because that seems to have a richness and depth that the romance plot sadly lacks (for my tastes). I'll probably try and track down the second book to see what happens next.

Biting the Sun, Tanith Lee: A reread, this one takes place in a sort of far-distant sci-fi future, where humanity lives in three domed cities and are tended to by androids as they fritter away their lives in the pursuit of pleasure. The protagonist, who is never named, is one of the adolescent class and is bored and dissatisfied; the book follows her attempt to make some sort of meaning out of her life, which takes several attempts before she finally lights on something that works for her. Although nothing is ever really that easy, especially when your robotic care-takers are convinced they know what's best for you.
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What Are You Reading (Actually On A!) Wednesday:

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

War and Peace, Tolstoy. Look, it's going to be there for a while.

The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont. Jason Prosper is on his way to Bellingham Academy, a school noted for giving second chances to privileged brats. Which, on the surface at least, Jason is. Or at least he's privileged. A couple of dreadful things have happened to him, so I'm giving him leeway on the brattishness.

What did you recently finish reading?

The Life of an Unknown Man, by Andreï Makine. This was a very calm, thoughtful, and considered book until the last fifteen pages or so in which a lot happened, very quickly, and I started to wonder if Makine had just run out of time and thrown the plot into a blender so as to not have to whisk the lumps out. It didn't ruin the novel for me - it's a very good book - but it was jarring.

Waiting for Sunrise, by William Boyd. This is partly about the development of psychology after Freud, and partly about acting, and partly about World War One. Bits of it are a spy thriller, and bits are about English society pre- and during WW1. It was enjoyable, but made no lasting impact on my memory.

The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies #1), by K.J. Charles. [personal profile] yantantether recommended this ages ago, and I bought it ages ago, and then never got round to reading it. Which is a shame, because this is a gloriously fun read! It's a Victorian magic-mystery essentially and Lucien is written in the grand tradition of Lymond - he's very good looking and articulate and has unexpected skills, all of which is tempered by a massive flair for the overdramatic - and Stephen is chippy and refuses to be overawed by Lucien (who is the Lord Crane) and very justifiably angry about Lucien's utterly horrible family. There's a lot of very funny banter, and flirting, and some very hot sex scenes, and then there's quite a bit of gore, and then we're back to flirting! and danger! and sexual tension you could cut with a knife.

A Case of Possession (A Charm of Magpies #2), K.J. Charles. The first book was set in the country, and this is set in the town. There's a new danger to be fought! And some more flirting to do! And a lot of feelings are had, mostly whilst fighting things. Lucien's sort-of-servant, Merrick, really comes into his own in this one, and I want to read a spin-off about Esther Gold and her husband.

What do you think you’ll read next?

I got Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman and Beautiful as Yesterday by Fan Wu from the library yesterday, and I just put Simon Schama's Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution on my ereader.
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([personal profile] vass Jul. 23rd, 2014 10:29 pm)
Read Lia Silver's Laura's Wolf. It is very fine winter reading. I loved sitting in a nest of blankets with a heat pack, a cat, and a cup of lapsang souchong, with a stew cooking in the oven, in Melbourne winter weather, reading about the heroine in a hut in Yosemite, snowed in with the electricity out and her only companion an injured werewolf.

I kind of want to read the urban fantasy romance where in order to survive the werecat's bite, the heroine has to find her inner cat and transform. LICK YOUR BUTT. SCRATCH THE FURNITURE. PRODUCE A HAIRBALL. DRAPE YOURSELF DECORATIVELY, TAKING UP THREE QUARTERS OF A BED FIFTY TIMES YOUR SIZE. COME ON, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, DON'T GIVE UP NOW.

Picked up Les Miserables again. Am now up to page 210 of 1194 (endnotes not included.) In another 54 pages, I'll reach the end of the first volume. This book is hard work, and I say that as someone who's read A Suitable Boy, Infinite Jest, War and Peace, Middlemarch, and the Bible cover to cover.


Read Carrying Dangerous Goods by [ profile] novembersmith. It's a Gen Kill/Temeraire fusion. Ray/Brad. The pining/miscommunication plot got a little ridiculous by the end, and I like pining, but the details of how the Gen Kill characters fit into Temeraire's world were great.

TV and Movies

More Avengers Assemble: episode 5, 'Blood Feud'. Black Widow, who in Avengers Assemble only exists to be rescued, is bitten by Dracula. The highlight of this episode is of course Hulkula. But I'm not sure how much more sexism I can stand.

More POI. Watched 'Super' and 'Root Cause' and 'Blue Code' (in which the person of interest is Michael Hey It's That Guy Aronov.) So far I don't like canon Nathan as much as fanon Nathan, and I have difficulty understanding why Finch likes Nathan. Have developed a regrettable tendency to refer to Root as w00t. Still not as silly as what she calls herself. Finch clearly agrees with me on this. When she introduces herself on IRC, he makes this little disapproving motion with his mouth.

As far as Finch is concerned, a sensible way to pick your pseudonym would be:
textfile = open('verylonglistofbirds.txt', 'r')
lines = textfile.readlines()
for line in lines:
   chunks = line.split()
   surname = chunks[0]
   print "Hello, my name is Harold " + surname + ". "

See? Much more practical than naming yourself after Australian slang for fucking the Unix superuser and base of filesystem.

(And yeah, I'm sure there's a better way to chomp /n in Python. Give me a break, I don't know any Python at all. I fudged that script from the one in this Python Pals puzzle.)


Played Shisen Sho so much I got Tetris effect from it.


More knitting.


Made beef stew for the first time, using the cast iron casserole dish I got for Christmas. I didn't use a recipe so much as do a quick search for how much liquid, how hot an oven, and for how long, and then wing it. 1.3kg silverside beef, 2tbsp olive oil, 2c water, 1 green capsicum, salt, cracked black pepper, crushed garlic, dried rosemary and oregano. Preheat oven to 160'C, chop beef into ~1in cubes (trimming the silvery bit and giving a little bit to a very appreciative cat), place in cast iron casserole dish with all ingredients except capsicum, stir, cover with lid, cook for 1 hour. Roughly chop capsicum and add (next time I'll add it later.) Cook for another hour, check. It's still not soft enough, and there's too much liquid, so turn the heat up to 180'C and cook for a third hour. Makes five servings. Result was very good, although next time I'll use less pepper, and maybe some wine or stock or tomatoes or something to replace some or all of the water. But as a proof of concept, it worked just fine.

Bought a new cooking knife for the first time in like ten years. Such an improvement.
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([personal profile] sine_nomine Jul. 23rd, 2014 07:22 am)
I've asked to get thrown into the deep end of the pool. After last night's discussion, I'm fairly sure that I've been thrown and then some (and that was just the discussion!). The fact that my hands were shaking says rather a great deal on that subect. I suspect I'll actually get pushed under, allowed to re-surface briefly, and get pushed under again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I have watched eyes gleam as I am sized up, desire and interest expanding in them. In fact, I think I have a strong sense of what being prey feels like... and this is just the beginning.

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained? or so it is said. An adventure in learning awaits. I just hope that I'm able to eventually enjoy the lessons.