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01. Why do people - Londoners, I assume, specifically - refer to Euston Road as 'the Euston Road'? I've come across this reading Foxglove Summer, but it was not the first time I'd noticed this. I'm just curious. The article threw me and my google-fu is failing me.

02. What's the netiquette to ask someone why they unsubscribed from you journal? Is it done or do I risk sounding like a 'it's all bout me, ME, ME!' whiner? It has happened twice to me in the past few months. And neither user has put up any 'friends/circle cut' notices. I'm always afraid I've hurt someone by mistake and/or posted something obnoxious/controversial. I also feel like I should be able to shrug this sort of thing off quickly (come on, it's just the internet) rather than obsessing over this for hours.

03. Baby terminology help. What would you call these?

And what about this?

I know what [ profile] briasoleil calls them, but my friend Jess, who's from Sheffield, came to visit yesterday and she used different terms. It's probably just a case of North America vs the UK but now I'm curious to see what you guys think. :D
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BabyBoy & I are at my parents, where I am keeping myself distracted by baking for my mom's holiday cookie exchange (my grandmother's pecan tassies and thumbprints, and OMG, are they fussy--I have no idea how my Mema made thousands of these every year) and apparently, writing the fluffiest piece of fluff I think I've ever fluffed.

I mean, I stopped writing this at least 2 years ago, because it was just ridiculously sappy, and then Iron Man 3 / Thor 2 / Winter Soldier came out and there was no way to work this into that canon, but at some point during this family-stress-related day, my brain decided it didn't care and I could just disclaim how it was set in that little post-Avengers pocket of time when we all had fun with the thought of everyone living in the Tower and all the lovely TEEEEAAAM!FEEEEEEELS. Found family--you know how that's total catnip to me (especially when I'm dealing with the regular family BS) so, yeah, basically, I'm weak and that's a thing that's happening.

Also, hello again to the lovely people who've friended/added me during the last week or so. There's an introductory post here on DW and here on LJ, plus a movie meme that was going around earlier this year, which I think kind of sums me up pretty well (LJ / DW).

Plusplus, you can also find me here:

[ profile] topaz (AO3) my fic & bookmarks

[ profile] topaz119 (tumblr) fic announcements & endless reblogging of Jeremy Renner-related content whatever catches my eye, mostly fannish but with the occasional science/techonology/space related photo/video

[ profile] topaz119 (pinboard) recs/favorites/things that made me happy, crossposted from the rec sets I do on DW/LJ/tumblr, but tagged and sortable.

AND, if you're on goodreads or pinterest and would like to link up there, let me know (I don't usually share those publicly, but I'm fine adding people who are interested in.)

ookay, back to the fussy damn cookies and the Thanksgiving-related Avengers fluff!
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Posted as a second chapter to the first drabble post.


Ship and Kalr Twelve discuss ratpiles. Except with humans. Sometimes I miss having pet rats. But then Beatrice jumps up and sleeps on me, and my rats never did that, and I wasn't small enough to crawl into their hammock with them.
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There's a school of outdoorsman who eschews "modern-day technology" in lieu of a presumably more authentic, older sensibility wherein they use old-style bows and make their own buckskin clothing, etc., apparently secure in the blissful unawareness that their hardy fore-bearers were somehow availing themselves of the best modern technology they could acquire.

To be clear, it's not that I think it's a bad idea to be able to knap your own flint or manufacture fire-starters out of splinters and pine pitch, or that I think that trying to be as self-reliant as possible is a bad idea, especially in difficult circumstances: I value improvisation and knowledge and skill*, I just hate romanticizing "if it's harder, it's better" and deliberately hobbling oneself because "modern technology" is bad**. (An advantage of a skillfully used old-style bow, is that it's arguably easier to keep yourself in ammunition if you haven't laid in sufficient stores of material and equipment for casting/reloading which materials are generally harder to obtain without some intermediary manufacturing.)

*One word: McGyver

** I have no problem at all with "harder/older/other is more fun/affordable/my preference," however, just own it, rather than making it a zero-sum game.
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During the month of December we'll be taking prompts on any subject you like. Pick a day (or several days; there's no limit per account) and we'll answer it.

We'll edit this post as people give us prompts for each day. We will be crossposting between LJ & Dreamwidth. If two people claim the same day for a prompt and the prompts are different, we'll move the prompt to an available day.

You can ask us anything/prompt anything. (ie - fic prompting is fine, as is photography prompting in addition to blogging on any topic that has crossed this journal) With the caveat that we may double post relevant things to our public blogs if they cross topics.

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I ran South London 10k in Wimbledon this morning. The forecast had said rain and rain it did, it was raining when I left home, raining when I got off the train to change to the tram at Croydon and raining when I walked the 15-20 mins from the tram stop to start, and raining all the way through the run and all the stages of the journey home. I had extra layers and my rain coat on as long as I could, and at the last minute I had also packed a disposable one, which I wore between having my bag stashed away in the bag area and gathering at the start.

The start and finish were on grass, so very muddy in places after the rain and heavy going in general. The majority of the course was on streets, so there was plenty of dodging puddles and hoping that wet leaves on the ground don't send you sliding all over the place. The conditions aside, I mostly felt good, if slow—I have no idea what my time was and right now I don't really care, having finished feels good enough. Running to the finish was so frustrating: I might have the energy to speed up a little, but the choice of sodden grass and puddle-filled path in the headwind was a bit too much—I concentrated on staying upright.

And despite getting completely sodden, I feel more sorry for the marshals in the rain (at least some of whom appeared be to be on their spots an hour before the start).

Getting changed out of the wet gear (in a shopping centre toilets for the lack of anywhere easier) felt wonderful, although I clearly should have brought another pair of shoes and dry underwear as well. I had a dry pair of socks, but with my shoes so wet it seemed pointless to change them.

(Incidentally, I marshalled at parkrun yesterday, in drizzle/light rain and muddy park, and was perfectly warm, dry and comfy in wellies and rainproof coat, and of course it was only for about an hour altogether.)
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Last week I read this long, fascinating, article on Ricky Jay, one of the best magicians out there, and one of the few with a real, deep, interest in the history of magic tricks.

And that led me to watch this video of one of his sets. He's damned impressive.

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Happy Birthday [ profile] skzbrust, [ profile] whl, & [ profile] whouseknecht
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([personal profile] andrewducker Nov. 23rd, 2014 11:00 am)
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From the Quotation of the day mailing list 2014-10-30:

"Some people have called the book the "bible of software engineering." I would agree with that in one respect: that is, everybody quotes it, some people read it, and a few people go by it." -- Frederick Brooks, on his classic book The Mythical Man-Month.


(submitted to the mailing list by Terry Labach)
This winter I appear to be bouncing back and forth between sane/numb erika and crazy/happy/moody erika.

Sane/numb erika are Abilify days.

Today is not an Abilify day.

When I take it, I lose my creativity, and some part of my intelligence. Maybe my curiosity... maybe something less tangible that happens when you go from being in full command of your intellectual faculties and then suddenly only have 80% control.

But I'm not crippled by overwhelming anxiety and suffering.

As I said to a friend, "it's like Sophie's fucking Choice up in here."

I go through. I continue. Persevere. I have learned the meaning of those words. To keep an intimate relationship, I keep more things to myself, and I have learned the value of privacy to understand the currency of communication.

Communication disseminates information and can easily lead to intimacy, and therefore is an important as hell part of the work in relationships itself.

In a fact that will surprise no one who knows my parents, the communication skills I learned growing up are largely limited to threats and control-freak manipulative behavior.

It's been a real fucking pleasure to have to learn to express needs like an adult. If I were in charge of The Force, it would be vulnerability that leads to the Dark Side, so that's been a real fucking challenge, too.

(That having been said, it's still unclear to me why I haven't been journalling. Just haven't had the time, really, I suppose. More entries, but shorter than the norm seems likely.)

Actually talking to your partner is fucking important, evidently. I would say who knew, but let's be honest, everyone but me did.

Esperanza. But I won't wait, while I hope. I fight, I scheme, I build, I try my best. I do it every day, and it doesn't get any easier, but at least it hasn't gotten worse. And I like the results.

Carve it on my fucking tombstone. it's not quite Dorothy Parker*, but "She always tried her best" will do.

*Wherever she went,
including here,
it was against her better judgment.

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--I keep feeling like it can't possibly be as late in the year as it is (you'd think I'd find that easier than usual, since Casual Job almost always winds up in early to mid-December), but somehow US Thanksgiving is in less than a week, and a week from tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. O_o US Thanksgiving is my benchmark for the start of the winter holiday season even though I live in Canada; so much of my online intake comes out of the US that it's when Christmas talk really revs up, and it's generally close enough to Advent that it's not unreasonable...except I still feel like we ought to be having warm days at least sometimes, but instead it's (I think?) a particularly chilly November for Nova Scotia. At least we've been spared any real snowfall so far. *knocks wood*

--Tonight I fell into Tumblr for a while for the first time in well over a week. I really am glad I kicked the habit of catching up on it completely every day (I even used to do it when Casual Job was on, which is slightly terrifying), but I keep forgetting how relaxing I find it, for the most part. I've got a lot of social justice stuff coming across my dash, but other than that, the fannish glee and cute animals pics are delightful but low-engagement in a way that's just what my brain wants sometimes. Tumblr'll never, ever be my preferred place to be online because of that low ratio of actual communication (Dreamwidth all the way for me!), but sometimes it's just the thing.

--Actual media intake for the evening: I started my Parasite reread and got maybe four chapters in before realizing that I was staying fully engaged as long as I was actively reading but starting to fall asleep on the couch within seconds every time I looked away from the screen for even a few seconds (which I do often, what with the kittens), so I fled the couch's vortex and watched the first episode of The 100. I can't say it immediately grabbed me by the heart or anything, but there were several familiar faces among the adult cast, all of them actors I really like, so that's exciting. *^^* (Especially Paige Turco, who's my favorite recurring guest star on Person of Interest.)

--Another benefit of Casual Job wrapping up is that we can get back to some of our group viewings. We've been showing Utena to Kas gradually (we're around Ruka's introduction), and before I went back to work and [personal profile] wildpear had a Sunday evening class for a few months, we'd been in the habit of watching things with her and her husband and Kas on Sundays after Pumpkin goes to bed--which never leaves time for much watching, so shows take a while, but that's okay. ^_^

Anyway, we'd nominally started a Firefly rewatch (for once, something we'd all seen already!) ages ago, but never got past the pilot, and in the intervening time I've started really, really wanting to show them Leverage, which none of us have seen all the way through. (I've seen all but the back half of season 4 and some episodes of season 5 [I have seen the series finale]; [personal profile] scruloose has seen an unknown and scattered number of episodes, Kas has seen the pilot, and [personal profile] wildpear and her husband haven't seen it at all.)

So [personal profile] wildpear and I talked about it a bit last night, and as much as anything, GamerGate made the decision for us, because right now neither of want to see Adam Baldwin's face. (I'd been somewhat aware for a while that Baldwin's a sorry excuse for a human being, but WOW, SO AWFUL.) Leverage it is.
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Cross-posting from my Tumblr:

Help, you guys, I have a sudden need for all the good, long Captain America fic. The only canon I know is the movies, and I still haven't seen CA:TWS (but come on, I've Tumblr-seen it at this point), but those are not limitations to recs. I've read fic in fandoms I've never even dipped a toe in, so reading fic that draws on comics canon is A-okay by me.

I just need more Steve. Steve/anyone, Steve by himself, Steve backstory, Steve futurestory. STEVE ROGERS being his lovely principled intelligent self and wrestling with living those principles in the messy, complicated world. Or just living his daily life, idk. STEEEEEEEEEVE.
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So remember this summer, when I posted about the game my girl cat made up? (Dropping cherries from the counter into the water bowl.)

Well, now any remotely round fruit or veg left on the counter is game, and she has recently gotten supremely good at it. We've found lemons, roma tomatoes, and now a giant beet in the water bowl. It's kind of impressive, really.
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Where I need to start greasing my hands religiously or they will become painfully chapped and stay that way until spring. It also means I can/should start wearing my Totoro mittens (<3 <3 <3) again.

This morning I did some remedial housework and then went back to the dog show (sans puppy) to watch the Briards. Commiserated with another photographer ringside about the indoor lighting, and confessed that by dint of much soul-searching, I am learning to embrace grain: the point really is reference photos, not art.
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So, back at the beginning of the month, I visited the Colorado Country Christmas event at Denver Mart, where I found a Christmas gift for one sister in law and a birthday gift for the other.

Today, I finally had managed to find time to get those and other things to the post office and shipped back east. I put gifts for my niece, nephews, and mother in a box to go to sister-in-law K, while the gifts for the sisters-in-law were put in another box to go to my mother.

We stopped by the post office in the truck after [ profile] iberianwolf had breakfast, only to find we were 10 minutes before opening. So, we continued on to Home Depot to get the supplies he needed to build a workbench in the garage.

After we were done at Home Depot, we went back to the post office, where I discovered I could only find one of the two packages in the truck. Then I remembered when he'd loaded the truck at HD, Iberian had set the smaller package on top of the other one - which would have put it above the top of the tailgate.

I mailed off the package I still had, then we backtracked to HD and back to the PO, but failed to find it. Nor had anyone turned it in to the HD staff by the time we returned or to the PO by 11.

Sadly, neither of the shops I bought the gifts from seem to have online presences, so it doesn't look like I'll be able to get those same gifts again.

UPDATE: Someone found the box and went to a great deal of effort to get it back to us by looking up our address, finding our realtor, calling her, and then having her email us his info!

It was an honest mistake, but I've been somewhat depressed and frustrated all day and I just want that feeling to go away.
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Writers often look enviously at painters because you can create far more paintings than novels in a lifetime, which gives you more chances to experiment.

And then I spotted this:

Outline. Underdrawing. Grisaille (several passes). Background colour. Two layers of flesh tone. Colours and clothes. Final touches.

Go and read the whole post and then tell me that this is not every bit as much work as writing a novel.

Also, as far as I know (unless you want to count the Bayeux tapestry), the first comic:

from the Liber Floridus, whole mss digitized here

And if you have any interest in layout, *do* go and have a look at the mss, because the lines have not been erased, and you can see the full layout grid that any inDesign user would be proud of: capitals to _here_, numbers in margins to be placed _there_, page numbers up _here_.) Also, the stitching on 23r/24v...)

You can see how the format developed from, say, 34v, which is not uncommon in medieval illustrations - but round off the text panels and you have a veritable ancestor of comics/graphic novels.

(In other news: coding slower than expected, but still ongoing. Not doing NaNo meetups this weekend as I have a stinking cold.)