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So my Thanksgiving was lovely, went up to my uncle's cabin in Big Bear, where it was bracingly cold and there was some snow, and all around it was good family times. Whatever, I'm really here to talk about CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR because aaaahhhhh that trailer. Sorry if you follow my tumblr, which all of a sudden became all wailing about CACW all the time.

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people dont get fired up by ideas unless its some really stupid idea of freedom. or the concept of white america. otherwise they seem to think that something has to happen to someone close to protag in order for people to get fired up. its the most ridiculous fucking thing.
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Today I find myself wondering if the rest of the world laughs at Americans for the shopping mania that seems to oversweep the entire nation for these two days... or how much international press it actually gets.

Because if one believes the media coverage here, it would seem the entire country is out buying things tonight!

That said, my ancient laser jet printer, which I thought was inexpensive when I bought it many years ago (seriously: it was almost less expensive to buy a new printer than replacement toner!) isn't Wifi compatible. This is a problem given that Sebastian, the laptop I use most frequently, won't connect to ancient printer the old fashioned way... something about drivers etc. So I checked the Staples website. New laser printer for half what I paid for ancient printer tonight and sixty-five percent off its normal price (yes, I checked). Thus off I go to join this insanity. Which I was actually going to pick up tomorrow but hey a case of paper is also available for a fraction of its normal price so why not?

I'll chalk this one up to cultual experimentation!
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what i like so far:

Enya Even in the Shadows.

Enya - Echoes in Rain

and for some reason this older song sound right coming after this:

Enya - Caribbean Blue

i dont really like her new ballad tho. i look forward to picking out a few of her songs on the album.
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[personal profile] lysimache wants me to write an Eagle daemon AU.

This being Rome, the best daemons for Roman officers are of course eagles or wolves, because those are your Awesome Roman Animal options.

Marcus' daemon is, of course, neither of these. We are torn between having Marcus' daemon be something small and cute and fluffy or an Awesome British Animal, for plot reasons. (The best we got was a stag.) Whatever it is, it sure doesn't help his standing as a soldier.

Esca's daemon, you see, is a she-wolf, and Marcus sees Esca in the arena and he wants to save Esca's life and he is at the same time so jealous that Esca has what is clearly the best daemon and he's not even Roman and it's not fair. (Esca kind of resents that his daemon (who is possibly named Cub? though I guess then it shouldn't be a she-wolf) settled as a wolf; he probably got a lot of flack for that one. He tries to tell himself that Romans don't own the entire idea of wolves a lot. Now he's just resentful.)

When they go meet the Seal People (guess what their favorite daemons are), to be convincing, they have to... swap daemons, because of course Marcus ought to have a she-wolf, right? (And if Marcus' daemon is one of those Special British Animals of course Esca ought to have that one.) So they spend the entire time cuddling each other's daemons which is of course the Ultimate Taboo but secretly they both like it. (This is apparently [personal profile] lysimache's favorite part about daemon AUs.)

And then I guess there are smooches at some point. Yeah.
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The Kittens Game by bloodrizer is amazing. It is quite addictive. You are a kitten in a field of catnip. You can gather catnip. When you have enough catnip, you can plant it in a field and grow more. Then you can make wood, and build huts, and it grows into this great resource-mining game. It's very well balanced, with lots of interesting quirks. I was delighted when I first tamed a unicorn. Now I have collected unicorn tears, reset the game and collected my karma, my kitties have drilled oil wells and built amphitheatres and trade with the zebras and sharks on a regular basis. I discovered it from comments in [personal profile] yvi's post about constructive games a while back.

Is anyone else playing?
Last swim of the season. #sunset #optoutside #rei1440project
Late gold. #foagm #optoutside #rei1440project
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Thanksgiving was always the big holiday for my father, so since his death it's been a difficult time. For the first couple afterward, my stepmother came up to visit me and Geoff in Montreal, because she didn't even want to be in the house, let alone accept one of the kind invitations she had from friends. Last year she volunteered to help serve at a free dinner hosted by a local wonderful brewpub, and had such a good time that she decided to do it again this year, and asked us if we'd like to join her. We were delighted to!

It was a lot of fun. We got there at 11:30, to get prepped before they started serving at noon, but everything was already set up, so we just chilled for half an hour, and then they stood us up behind the steam trays and off we went. The food was terrific -- local businesses had donated nineteen organic turkeys, and the stuffing and cranberry sauce were delicious, plus squash and potatoes, and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert, and we were ladling it out with gusto. We served well over two hundred people in five hours, and there was still food left over; I loved that we didn't have to stint to make it last, but could keep encouraging people to come back for more, and to fill takeout boxes. One couple with two kids had a whole stack of them. Some diners were pretty clearly folks in need, and some were folks who just wanted to come out for a shared community freewill-donation dinner (last year it raised $2000 in donations for the local food bank), and some were volunteers fueling up for their own shifts; Geoff and I were supposed to help for just a couple of hours, but we were energized and having fun and ended up working the whole five hours, except for a break to eat ourselves. Plus the pub was also serving its own brews; after a few hours over the steam trays I very much enjoyed a half-pint of oatmeal stout. (At one point one of the staff came by asking if anyone needed a break and were we all well hydrated, and I assured her I was beerdrated.)

At the end of the afternoon we thanked the cooks and the kitchen staff who'd kept the heaping trays of food coming for hours, packed up some leftovers for ourselves, and staggered home with big smiles on our faces.

Today we went for a hike up a local hill for beautiful views over the river valley, came home for the traditional post-Thanksgiving lunch of post-Thanksgiving leftovers, and are now relaxing before meeting friends for Mexican food for dinner and then to see Richard Shindell and Lucy Kaplansky in concert. Tomorrow we go home and back to our everyday lives, but this has been a lovely break.

(Before this we spent three days with my mother, and left on Thanksgiving morning, ducking out on her meal with her in-laws, which I'm very glad of, it having been very high-stress the last time we were part of it...)

And as I wrote this up, my stepmother found a picture of the three of us serving up food in the local paper!
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Anyone for Winter Solstice Celebration Of Your Choice card exchange? :D Remember, I've moved to a whole other freaking country, so you probably need my new address. PM/DM me and I'll send it to you. Also don't assume that I have your address even if we have exchanged cards before, because I am notoriously disorganized. As always, comments are screened on this post.

My default phrasing will be 'Merry Winterthing,' unless you request otherwise.
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I'm post again, whaaaaaat?

Thanksgiving was quiet without my grandmother. She had such an active role in the preparation, that now it was mostly just me doing everything from start to finish. My aunt wasn't sure she could make it because she didn't know if she was emotionally ready (my other honorary aunt had to beg off for that reason), but she went to Disneyland with her SO the day before so was in a good mood after seeing all the new Star Wars things (Darth Vader was one of her first boyfriends). So it was a quiet day, but we were all cool with that. We watched National Velvet, all my food turned out great, and there are leftovers galore.

Universal Sports Network is gone! How dare NBC drop that station! It had all the figure skating, cycling and the less popular Olympic sports NBC and NBC Sports didn't air. I'm really peeved about this.

Today is a day of rest. Or as much of a rest day as you can get when you have to clean your room because you don't have the time or energy to do it any other day.
Recently, [livejournal.com profile] ursulav recommended this book by Marie Kondo (a Japanese tidying expert), which I shall refer to as the 'KonMari' method henceforth.

As regular readers might know, I've had a problem with clutter since, well, forever, and it's only been in recent years that I've started to really get on top of it (as opposed to keeping it kinda sorta under control.) I've been making good progress recently, and the book serves to give me a prod in the right direction.

This book isn't - for me at least - something to follow step by step. (When I got to the point of 'I have reduced my books to thirty' I snorted - 30 books in this household is a month's supply.) But a lot of the concepts in this book were helpful when looked at from a short distance.

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Fortified with this, I am more positive towards the book as a whole. I have for years used the 'I use it, I need it, I love it' manta, which keeps the toilet brush, your bank statements, and that silly thing you picked up _there_ and which always makes you smile in your life. And I have moved from seeing things as possessions (think Scrooge McDuck or Smaug on their piles of gold) and treating them more as events: if you spend £10 on a cinema visit, it's spent. Whether you enjoyed it or not. You decide whether you want to see the film again or another film by that director, but the money is spent. This helps with the 'but I paid good money for it, i should keep it' guilt.

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Yesterday was fascinating on so many level. Time to dial back the intensity that is the burgeoning friendship and who knows what else with KC... and I'm starting to figure out that an 8 hour visit is just about the right time (which will be interesting the night I'm crashing there but it's going to be a relatively early night and I'll be up early the next day and out so I don't think it's going to change much). Next time I'm down there is a week from tomorrow and I'll test the 8 hours theory. Too, I want to see if we can cut back on the texts and talking and so on; she's got a lot going on in her life and I'm trying to stay on top of mine. Eventually we'll discuss what the future looks like but I don't want that to derail the foundation we're building and I know that I've contributed to some shaky levels going in because I'm focusing on the finish line instead of the next hurdle in front of me, so to speak... and she has, too. Let's look at friendship and be mindful of the fact that's what we are at present and let the rest sort itself out as it does.

In the meantime, I am inhaling a Cubby Concoction for breakfast and will bring another glassful in the car (it's surprisingly tart despite adding a packet of Equal, which is refreshing, but interesting that the fruit isn't really coming up as fruit on my palate). Today is about jumping into clothes, heading into what should be a relatively quiet NYC to Mr. Client's now former building, picking up any packages he might have and dropping off his keys. I have to hand it to his cleaning person... that apartment is rather more clean than "broom clean" and rather more clean than I expected given its moved-out-of condition.

And then on to his storage unit in the 'burbs (the one I opened for him) to do a "fast" inventory of it. As in how many bags of things are actually there and a high-level overview of what's in them. He seems to think that I'm going to be able to open bags and glance and say "oh this one mostly holds jeans" and so on except that, when we were packing all of that stuff so management could come deal with the air conditioners, anything and everything clothes-wise made it in to all of the bags... there was neither time nor room to sort it all out before folding and getting it away. We're lucky I insisted on sorting out some of the other things so those I can at least tell him high-level contents on... but clothing? He has zero idea of the volume of what he owns, which is really part of the challenge with working with him. That entire approximately 4.55 square meters of contents (that's not including the height of the filled bags, of course) could be thrown out and/or sold without ever seeing his new apartment; the new place is already that filled and he has no clue what all that means.

Finally, I'll head to his new apartment (providing I can get there; the city has had a major failure in its water delivery system infrastructure; I'm counting on the fact that it's a holiday weekend to be able to access the city from the north as they suggest (going up and around; nothing like going north to go south... oh well!)) and drop off various things. Otherwise, I'll go tomorrow... depends on if I can get there when the Building Office is open. They have stupid hoops to jump through to give me 24/7 access.... have to discuss with them if we can somehow skip that part of things as this having to be there only when they are is a right righteous pain in the rear.

Ugh. Best get moving... lots to accomplish and not a lot of time in which to accomplish it.
Checking in to say hellooooo and wish the USians a belated Happy Turkey Day. I have yet to actually do the traditional feast as plans changed and I ended up at my mom’s house with Oldest and BabyBoy, while D and #2Son were at home/running down to see D’s father again. Since my mom doesn’t/can’t eat (and her mom’s stuffing recipe is one of the few things she actually misses eating and that would be hard for her to see/smell and not have) and Oldest doesn’t like anything of a standard T-giving dinner, I opted for a spaghetti feast, with homemade meatballs and garlic bread. Fun, and well-received, but not at all traditional. We’re going back home later today, though, and I’m planning on the whole involved deal later this weekend. Of course, every time I say that, people rush to tell me that I don’t have to go to all that trouble and I’m seriously starting to develop a few cracks in my Pleasant Fuck-Off ReplyTM. Normally I’m better at doing the semi-polite bitchslap to shut down people’s super-wrong assumptions about my life (because, let’s be real, you all know I’m looking forward to pulling together the whole feast, especially in my own kitchen, where all the knives are sharp and the herbs and spices are fresh, and I only know you from the internet--you'd think people who see me on a daily basis might have figured that out, too) but there are too many competing issues going on here (#2’s anxiety disorder, Mom’s health, my father-in-law’s health) and being polite to idiots is pretty far down on the list of things to spend my energy on.


In more fun news, I managed to finish up another part of the Barton farm backstory I seem to be writing:

your hand in mine, we walk the miles, Laura/Clint (obvs), with guest starring roles by Cooper Barton and Nick Fury.

So, yeah, that’s a nice thing to have checked off the WiP list (I’m not done here--my brain has at least 3 more ideas percolating, including the origin story of Black Widow’s arrow necklace--but any little step forward is good by me.) Also, I went out and hunted down an icon for Laura since this seems to be something I'll be revisiting and I hate being unprepared for posting purposes. :D

Are we doing the December talking meme again this year? That was fun last year even if I had to bail two-thirds of the way through and finish up in January. Should I put up a list of dates? You know I like to hold forth and share my opinions about Things…

Well. That OTW Open Board meeting happened. And then things continued to happen.
Now that things have settled down just the tiniest bit (most likely because most of the US based people are in a food coma), I am with the people who think this clean slate is actually the best news for the org. I trust LO and Matty and I know they are already working hard to get everything lined up so they can start work as soon as they are inducted as Board.

In less exciting news, I've been watching Sense8 and then Jessica Jones to finish my knitting and start on my photo sorting. Different as they are, I like them both. (We're going to ignore Walter firing a rocket launcher less than 500m from the Federal Police Office building in Berlin. Or the fact that Sufentanil is a controlled drug basically everywhere and the level of lockup and protocol to sign that stuff out this means.)
I've also been sucked into Hamilton because of course I would.

Thanks to us being fully staffed vet-wise at work for the first time in five years or so, I was barely working at all in November. I am not used to this. It took me about two weeks to remember that I choose a job with 60+ hour weeks for a reason. I need the stress and pressure. Without it I actually get less done.
Oh well, from December on we're back to a more normal rota pattern, then I can be grumpy about too little sleep and/or time again.

We've reached the season where all my running trails are mud and ice again. This is not conductive to running at any reasonable pace, but then the weather itself is rarely inviting to go out on any business anyway. I try to keep up the running nonetheless. Next half marathon in March is the plan for now. We shall see.

And to finish this entry a picture, as proof that I am slowly sorting through my photos...

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"...My dad, may he rest in peace, taught me many wonderful things. And one of the things he taught me was never ask a guy what you do for a living.

"He said 'If you think about it, when you ask a guy, what do you do you do for a living,' you're saying 'how may I gauge the rest of your utterances.' are you smarter than I am? Are you richer than I am, poorer than I am?'

"So you ask a guy what do you do for a living, it's the same thing as asking a guy, let me know what your politics are before I listen to you so I know whether or not you're part of my herd, in which case I can nod knowingly, or part of the other herd, in which case I can wish you dead."

-- David Mamet