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algeh ([personal profile] algeh) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-07-02 08:57 pm (UTC)

I wonder if language picker page used may also want to suggest based on perceived location as well as top overall languages. I guess I'm envisioning a page that starts something like:

"Pick the language(s) you post and read in. Here are some ways to look for languages:"

[Two columns]

[Left column box] "Here are the top [n] languages currently used on Dreamwidth" [tickybox list follows]

[Right column box] "Based on the country in your Dreamwidth profile, here are the top [n] languages currently used by DW users in your country" [tickybox list follows]

Below that, have options for search (including to get the country by country results for countries other than the one in their profile)/full list/etc to find languages not covered in the two categories above. Between what's commonly used on DW as a whole and what's commonly used in their area, we can minimize how many users need to dig through the larger list and increase the odds that people who want to specify, say, British English will be offered that choice in the shorter tickybox list (since they are more likely to either be in Great Britain or to think to search for languages used in Great Britain as a way of locating it).

However, I have no idea how much more of a backend pain this would turn out to be, and I admit I wouldn't use this feature much since I mostly post in English and usually want to read other English postings.

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