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Re: Don't have a seed list. And language tag(s) should be available on individual posts/comments

Tengwar is a script, I believe; you can write Quenya and Sindarin in it, IIRC. (Also, the language of Mordor - remember the Ring?) Probably there are ways to write a lot of languages using Tengwar.

As I have Singaporean friends, I have to posit that en-SG is entirely valid; they have some manners of phrasing that most closely resemble en-GB (for obvious reasons), but the sentence structure can be very influenced by Chinese, and they have some ways of emphasising that I don't see anyone not from that general region using. It's entirely cross-understandable, but it is its own dialect, inasmuch as there are differences between English in the UK, US, and Australia/NZ/etc., and we're not touching sub-dialects because yes, we know. :P :)

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