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Don't have a seed list. And language tag(s) should be available on individual posts/comments

BCP-47 looks like a source that might be about as sane as you can get, and has the benefit that you don't have to try to maintain it yourself, and thereby get it wrong in a whole bunch of exciting and different ways. I'm not 100% sure how the list of sub languages are maintained, e.g. en-GB, en-AU definitely exist, but is en-SG valid and who decides? Those don't appear to be in that list, but I haven't researched how the sub tags work. Oddly en-GB-oed (grandfathered) and en-scouse (redundant) appear to be listed directly...

As far as a "seed list" goes - why? Don't have one. Have the entire BCP-47 list with sub-region tags (displayed as your "both" format above), a text box, and auto-suggest typing or a popup-selection once the typing is enough. Especially if you're doing it on the profile, this is a once off thing being done for each journal. Shortlisting from a large list is inherently ugly, and you don't need to optimise it away because this is essentially a rare operation. Don't fix a problem that isn't a problem. :-)

This thing should apply to individual posts/comments?, to identify the language(s) the post/comment is written in, if desired. After all, most of my journal is in en-AU, but I might want to write in pig-latin or tengwar (is tengwar a script only? I can't find a matching language tag?) for some reason.

On posts (and comments?), yes, you should have an short list - but you can pull that short list directly from the profile of the user doing the posting/commenting, and you know that's a useful shortlist because that particular human picked it.

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