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spoken vs. updating languages

  1. As I read the original suggestion, this:

    Have a field in which you select the language/s you speak; people speaking the same language can find each other more easily.

    leads me to a different conclusion than this:

    The original suggestion was for a field allowing people to state which languages they update in. Users are quite likely to enter languages they read in any such field: we need to think about how to handle this.

    as it seems the OP was hoping to establish connections, not just with people who update in a particular language, but also speak a language.

    Morphing it into a set of languages one updates is not necessarily a bad thing, but as others pointed out, languages spoken can definitely be an identity-level thing.

  2. It might further aid the OP to have a way of setting what language a post is written in. This might be considered a future enhancement.

  3. I like the idea of presenting the list as an unfolding set of checkboxes; keep it hidden at first, then unfold the more commonly used languages, then further expand to all languages; these should be clearly marked (emulating the cut tag feature would make for a consistent interface across the site).

  4. In addition to the checkbox list, a write-in space should be allowed, as I can see people posting in conlangs, possibly (toki-pona springs to mind as something potential journalists might use). This might be a future enhancement as well.

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