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1. Is it actually necessary to have a "reads" setting? Perhaps I'm being dense here, but when the goal is to find languages written, I can't think of a good reason to record languages read, other than to have an "exclude languages not on my reads-list" search. I think maybe simply labelling it "Posting language" or something like that might suffice.

2. I really like the tag-style entry box idea. Unless you typo egregiously, the search function works really well to pull up anything even remotely similar.

3. I really like the idea of using the BCP-47 tags, as long as they are used in conjunction with actual human-readable language names. The completist data-wrangler in me always desires being able to sort with the highest granularity, although I can see a certain utility in restricting to language families.

4. I think holding a poll would be the best way to find out which languages are preferred and posted in by actual users. And given that English is the world's greatest second language, I think English should simply be assumed to be used, and ignored for purposes of this poll. Maybe take the official languages of the top 15 DW-stats countries plus the top 15 global languages for a ticky-box poll, plus a text box for additional write-in votes?

5. I think it would be a kindness to list languages alphabetically by their names in that language, e.g. English (en), Español (es), Français (fr), etc. (optionally putting language tags after the language names). I acknowledge that it would probably be more of a pain to do it that way, though.

6. It occurs to me that it might be a good idea to take the language from the browser headers and use that as the default unless and until people choose to set their language(s).

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