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Who are you people and where is my horse? ([personal profile] lorax) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-04-12 12:52 pm (UTC)

I'm not tech savvy, but I do RP, and have a few journals saved for those purposes that are not currently active, just for the record.

I always thought the main "umbrella" account with multiple sub accounts would be a wonderful thing for RP. Not only because of the ability to link/control from a central place, but also because from the initial brainstorming, it seemed like it might allow for multiple uses of the same name. Like johndoe (main), with sub accounts janedoe, and littletommy. If the umbrella "janedoe" was linked to the main johndoe account, then my impression from the initial reading when it was discussed was that the system would consider that a different account than janedoe as a master account? It's highly possible I read that wrong and am talking out of my ass though.

However, as someone coming from IJ, where they force-purged a lot of journals WITH content lately, and where username trading is a BIG THING, I would like to see it more controlled here, because it's kind of maddening to have popular journal name and be barraged for it frequently.

I have no real solid contributions to HOW to judge squatting and to control it, but my first thought was - you're talking about disincentives to doing it, but what about actual incentives for deleting usernames to put them back in the pool? Nothing huge, but deleting user names (after a certain period of time, to avoid people making a name JUST to delete it), could possibly somehow toss a few DW points into another account owned by the same email?

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