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tara (wrist) ([personal profile] slakemoths) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-04-12 11:57 am (UTC)

As someone who is, regrettably, sitting on more than two or three (RP, mostly, but I've had terrible luck with community upkeep as well) journals to her credited email that she just hasn't gotten up and running yet (but wants to, it's a matter of time commitment), I just want to say I love this post and everything said in it. Thanks for making this such a wonderful, thoughtful place to invest myself - and this post has given me a few things to think about on how to go about fixing those dead spaces in my online life that I no longer know how to handle so they're not taking up room someone else could use better than me. That's been a dead albatross I'll be glad to have off my back - I honestly didn't have a good solution to that, but then I read this post and was like god, it's so easy and obvious, why didn't I see that.

Personally I am all for the technical restriction on "you can only create so many accounts per period of time when you pass X line", but I haven't yet read the whole post, so there may be legit complaints there I can't think of - I'm just noting that's my preference for now, so it's here! It seems the most ... balanced, in terms of concerns and time/effort/headache and inconveniencing squatters without doing the same to legitimate users.

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