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These are a bit more way out there, and not technically easy, but for the spaghetti-against-the-wall record:

Could you create and sell additional namespaces? if a game could register/buy the gamename namespace, and their characters get user names within that namespace, then there's less concern over user name collisions in general.

This has the downside of pushing the problem up a level: people might squat namespaces (this is, after all, roughly the problem with domain names themselves). But it does roughly square the availability of names.

This might or might not be combined with being unable to comment/interact outside your own namespace: some RPing journals break the fourth wall and want to comment on real journals and vice versa, but quite a lot don't.

Exactly how the namespace+username combo shows up on the website is, um… left as an exercise for the reader, yeah.

De-jargoning for folks that need it: at present, for any given username, you can only have it once on Dreamwidth. But you (or someone else) can also have that same username on Livejournal, or IJ or etc. That's because they are separate namespaces: the use of puzzlement on LJ doesn't affect my ability to register it on DW. What I'm asking about is some way of doing this inside DW: that is, I register the puzzlementgame namespace, and I can register puzzlementgame:denise as a username or puzzlementgame:puzzlement username, even though those are taken in the main DW namespace. (Whether the name would display as puzzlementgame:puzzlement, or as something completely different, is entirely up to the implementation.)

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