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That's a different thing entirely, though -- that's one person using or not-using a single account. We aren't interested at all in any kind of activity patrolling for single accounts, or for people who only have one or two accounts. There have been plenty of cases where:

1. someone registered a username to prevent someone from impersonating them because it's their very distinct handle elsewhere (for instance, I own [personal profile] rahaeli to serve as an archive of my 10+ years of [ profile] rahaeli and because if I'd left the account unregistered, somebody would've been an asscanoe over it; I did import my stuff so there's content in the account but someone shouldn't have to do that);

2. someone lost computer access unexpectedly (sudden illness) or due to long deployment (military, Peace Corps -- the traditional test when I was working for LJ and people were discussing inactivity recycling was known as the "Christine Test", because we had a long-term volunteer who went into the Peace Corps for two years with no computer access and then came back and kept using her journal);

3. someone registered a username in order to keep it because it's their well-known name on another service, thought they wouldn't use it on DW, and then came back after a while to start using it and was pleased to find it was still available -- we've seen a bunch of people dusting off old accounts that were created in open beta and not used for two years and now those people are happily DW residents;

...etc. Sure, you can say "only accounts that haven't been used at all" (and then you have to define "used at all"), and that keeps 2 from being a problem, but it doesn't do anything for 1 or 3, and people who are being malicious about it will just figure out whatever the definition of "used at all" is and go do that when they register the account. (Like, if the definition is "any posts", they'll just make one post, etc.)

Single accounts, or two or three accounts per person, isn't the problem at all!

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