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You'd have to ask what features it'd need: usernames, basic setup info per account, and an explanation of the purpose of the accounts.

But what if people lie? I mean, I could sure say "oh I'm planning on starting a new game with lots of NPCs and I need these usernames: pink, green, harrypotter, dracomalfoy, curses, cursed, cursing, happydays, gents, twins, dragon, dragons, alohamora, incendio, casting, wands, wander, wandering, hagrid" etc etc

Obviously they all seem legit for a Harry Potter themed game and that would probably get rubberstamped. But they're all also desirable usernames and the person may have no intention of using them for an RP at all. Do the rubberstampers then need to follow that up? What if the journals are created but the game is being put on hold due to a holiday so they look like they're not being used? There's only so much investigating that can be expected of Support, especially when it comes to the mores and habits of a community they may not be actively a part of.

I know plenty of RPers who create a lot of journal names, upload one or more icons, fill out the profile from a pre-coded template with a graphic from tumblr, make a post with a link to the player/their musebox... and then they will never touch the journal again. I'm not willing to say "that's squatting" or "that's not squatting" but it's the kind of grey area activity that makes it difficult to use activity or purpose as a category for scrutiny without degenerating into everything being handled on an intricate case by case basis (though it's a good idea, if DW can build the volunteer base required to be able to handle that!)

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