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Denise ([staff profile] denise) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-04-12 12:47 am (UTC)

Generally, you probably shouldn't do that either! It's nowhere near as bad as when people are trying to trade or sell for profit or personal gain -- I know the temptation is to just be nice and let people use it -- but it's still not a good idea because a possible security problem, since a traded account can never be secure and the first person who owned the account can always reclaim it.

Obviously if it's just one or two instances and you're doing it with a friend you trust, the risk is low -- but the risk is still there. (For instance, on LJ we used to see lots of cases of people who were friends, Person A gave Person B an account, there was a falling-out over something, and then Person A said "fine, you know what, screw you" and took back the account(s). Person B would then contact us because hey, they'd had two years' worth of stuff in that journal and now it was all gone -- nothing we could do; the first validated email on the account is the account owner.)

The absolutely best thing to do in that case is to delete the account, let the username be purged, and let the person who wants it rename to it. (No, you wouldn't get into "trouble" for doing it once or whatever, but it's just a plain old bad idea in terms of account security!)

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