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nicki ([personal profile] nicki) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-04-11 11:49 pm (UTC)

I have a few possible suggestions, though I don't know how workable they might be, as they would take some admin time.

1)(variation on idea 3 or 4) a randomized and changeable account/account creation limit that pops a message that says something like "Hi. You've reached the account creation limit for today/this week/this month/all time. Please contact (whomever) to have your number reset if you need to create more accounts." This would give you a way to take a look at people who exceed their limit(possibly several times) and a way for a legitimate account creator to continue using the site.

2)(variation on 1 and 4) When you get a complaint, freeze the accounts with a notice to contact an admin to discuss unfreezing (Hi, we've noticed that you have 150 unused accounts under the names of popular fandom characters, please contact the administration to unfreeze the accounts, we would love to hear your secret for living your life and still having time to play 150 characters) and then rename if there isn't contact in a certain amount of time.

3)One free rename to rename an account to account_archive (or similar). This could free up popular Role-play account names for use by someone else once a game is done or simply allow someone who is no longer using the site, but doesn't want to delete their account either (or spend extra money on a rename token) to still free up the name for someone else.

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