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i will preface this with the fact that my entire opinion comes from the roleplay side of this so it might not reflect the overall opinion of all (especially those who don't generally need but one or two sns) and my primary concern is the purging aspect, as i don't really know what exactly i agree with myself with what you've listed as options here. so here it is!

i think one problem i have with force purging or making purging the only option is that if a majority of usernames get set to being $15 a pop, they'll be just as long gone as if they were squatted. i know isn't that much in the long run but for me, i guess the way i think about it is that's like 10 bucks away for 6 months of a premium account. does that make sense? the reason i've seen people trading names between each other is because it's free.

in essence, i think you're locking down those screenames just as much as squatters have by forcing them pay-to-have. and i use forcing only because that seems to be the only viable option as you guys aren't for trading (though i recognize your reasons for this are completely valid).

now, if you were to drop the cost of renames or go back to an invite code only system (where essentially if you bought a paid account for 3 dollars, you got your sn), i'd be more for that myself. otherwise i just really feel like people won't feel inclined to pay.

i want to end this by saying i'm in no way suggesting you guys shouldn't get compensation, i'm more than happy and do support you guys whenever the opportunity comes up but those accounts could be used regularly and could be upgraded to paid accounts just as regularly which in my opinion would benefit you more than sitting on a lot of purged sns. as far as a pricing suggestion would go-- insanejournal has renames for $5, which i thought was crazy cheap but incredibly reasonable (though i know they also have less traffic than you guys so that might be why they can get away with that) but i'd even go so far as to say $10, which i feel less apprehension about dropping for just an sn alone.

maybe you can do a package deal where if you rename, 2 months of paid time are added in or something like that-- something to sweeten the pot and make renaming seem a little more worth it as far as the purged stuff goes.

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