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Thank you guys for taking the time to discuss this with us or try to find a solution. There are a handful of people I've seen with over hundreds of usernames, sitting unused and it's really not fair to those of us who would be putting them to use.

I'm not sure what the best way prevent it from in the future is, but one thing I wanted to comment on is where the squatted names would go. I really don't think it's fair to just purge them and throw them up for renaming since most of them weren't even being used in the first place. $15 might not sound like a lot, but for a username I know to a lot of people it is. I've bought maybe three renames in all my years previously using LJ, 2 as gifts and the biggest/most significant one was for my personal journal after years of the same name and serious consideration.

These usernames don't really have the same status, if that makes sense. And I think for most RPers, spending $15 on a bunch of great names that were hogged by squatters unfairly is almost like punishing or putting part of that penalty on them in a monetary sense. Most of us love DW and how great you guys are--I'm always willing to buy paids and will be interested in legitimate renames if and when the time comes. But to make a username that really has nothing in it and doesn't technically "belong" to anyone because it isn't being used and is just part of a hoarded collection more than half the price of a premium account seems drastic.

My two cents is that squatters with public lists should continue to be reported, maybe some sort of limit for the number of usernames registered in a week or month period for everyone (I'm not sure if you are able to do that by IP address rather than email since people might just make multiples). Those who have been reported and clearly have hundreds of names with no use could have them taken away and reopened for registration by others. I feel like having the names taken away is a punishment in and of itself for the squatters, but perhaps some sort of temporary ban on their registering usernames could be an added restriction as well.

I'm not sure how the nuts and bolts of some of this stuff works or if it's even possible but I thought I'd just offer another opinion since it's a somewhat relevant topic to me as an RPer.

As always thank you guys for being so wonderful and responsive. :)

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