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Christina Lollobrigida ([personal profile] lollobrigida) wrote in [site community profile] dw_biz 2012-04-11 11:24 pm (UTC)

While I do appreciate that you are looking into it, and I do agree that there are certain individuals that I'm sure have far too many names - this is all coming up after all the other comments that have been made about how DW would never revoke an account.

Granted, I'm sure notifications would be put into place so someone wouldn't have a username snaked out from under them, but it still seems like an issue that is far too complex to just set a standard rule down.

Requesting that people trim their username lists down, possibly approaching those with large lists and asking them to set some accounts to delete so that you can purge those, with their permission, and open up the names to others without a fee, or even limiting people after a certain # of accounts are created seems a far better option than trying to figure out who is using what for what and how often.

I know that there are accounts that don't seem active that don't even have validated email addresses, since I have tried to PM the owner of some of them asking if they would be willing to delete the account so that I could rename one of mine, but you can't PM anyone without a validated email.

I also know that for a lot of RPers your username is what identifies you. There are cases where you can have your username and then someone takes the same name but places an underscore into it. It's a very tricky situation and our usernames and ownership of them is something a lot of us really pride ourselves on. Creating a name and then creating the variation with the underscore could also be seen as "hoarding" but for us, it's a matter of not wanting to be mis-identified as someone else.

I have created back-ups for archiving and for claiming OpenID accounts so that imported comments match up. I have taken names that I had wanted but were too long for LJ standards, and I try to utilize what I have before I make more, but there is always going to be an instance - especially in RP circles - where you're just going to want to play someone new.

Putting limits on how long an account is active, how active it is - that's where the trouble comes in.

Considering how supportive DW is of the RP community and how much we all talk about how great you guys are and how much we appreciate all you do, I would have thought just asking those people with lots of accounts if they could stop making them or to delete X number of them or something -- that they wouldn't deceive you and try to claim they plan on using them. That's possibly wishful thinking, too, but it still stands that we ask you guys all the time for things - so why not ask those users to help you guys out?

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